Noto Mamiko CDs (single)

Mamiko has also released the following CD singles.

2004.02.04Love or Unlimited (NECM-12067)Song
2005.01.26Kimi Iro 100% (LACM-4178)Song
2005.08.03Happy Material (KICM-3111)Song
2006.09.30Kimi Kiss Character Song CD vol 2 (TRCD-10059)Song/Talk
2006.12.20Scoop! (PCCG-00826)Song
2008.07.23Hitosashiyubi Quiet (GNCA-0115)Song
2008.08.27School Rumble Forever (KICM-3174)Song
2008.08.29Nogizaka Haruka (GNCA-0116)Song
2008.09.03Zero no Tsukaima -Princess no Rondo- Character CD2 (COCX-35139)Song/Talk
2008.12.25Ichigo Splash (GNCA-0130)Song
2009.04.22Omoide to Yakusoku (ZMCZ-4612)Song
2009.07.22Romantic Strike (LACM-4628)Song
2009.07.24Queen's Blade Character Song Tomoe (ZMCZ-4622)Song/Talk
2009.10.23Himitsu Suishou! Uruto Love (GNCA-0136)Song
2010.12.22Motto To Love Ru Character CD 04 (GNCA-0224)Song
2011.04.20Choose My Love! (LACM-4795)Song
2011.08.17Onnanokotte Maji Chou Angel (PCCR-90047)Song
2011.08.24Sakura Kaze ni Yakusoku wo (KICM-3237)Song
2011.11.23Ao no Kiseki (LASM-4124)Song
2012.06.27Sengoku Collection Vol.2 (UMCA-50018)Song

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