Ohtsuka Akio CDs (miscellaneous)

Akio appears (sings/talks) in the following CDs.

1992 01.29The Secret of Blue Water Vocal Collection II (TYCY-5188)Song
1992 07.08Scramble Wars Yami no Labyrinth (TOCT-6502)Talk
1994 01.25Fire Emblem (MWCG-0007)Talk
1995 12.16Seiyuu Daisuki 3 (MRCA-20080)Talk
1996 04.24Toushinden -Before Stage- vol 2 (BVCH-632)Talk
1996 08.07Luna Silver Story Lunatic Festa vol 1 (KACN-1042)Talk
1996 09.04Luna Silver Story Lunatic Festa vol 2 (KACN-1043)Talk
1996 11.07King of Fighters '96 drama CD (PCCB-230)Talk
1996 11.26Blue Seed Too (KICA-326)Song
1997 01.08Psychic Force drama CD (PCCB-2339)Talk
1997 03.21Street Fighter EX drama CD (PCCB-256)Talk
1997 05.02Clock Tower 2 (PCCB-258)Talk
1997 07.21Hyper Police CD drama (COCC-14290)Talk
1997 08.01Detatoko Princess vol 1 (VPCG-84633)Talk
1997 10.01King of Fighters '97 Drama CD (PCCB-281)Talk
1997 11.21Aika vol 2 Sweet Emotion (COCC-14630)Talk
1997 11.21Choukousoku Gran Doll (AYCM-9001)Talk
1997 12.21Joker File 2 (KECH-1120)Talk
1998 04.29Yuukyuu Gensoukyoku 2nd Album drama CD vol 2 (PCCB-313)Talk
1999 04.05Chiffons Jikuu Daihyouryuu Charakasu Another ()Talk
1999 09.08Jane Oferinaito (MACA-2011)Talk
2000 02.25Nadesico Oshare Club (KICA-490)Talk
2001 03.31Cafe Kichijouji de 9 ()Talk
2001 06.27Piano 1 (MMCC-6001)Talk
2001 07.25Piano 2 (MMCC-6004)Talk
2005 01.31Cinematic Sound Drama GetBackers -Legend of Vampire- (MKC-0003)Talk

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