Gun Smith Cats Image Song recording

The recording for the image songs for Gun Smith Cats took place at Bazooka Studios on 1995.07.02.

There was a short photo session with Neya Michiko (Rally), Araki Kae (Minny), and Hisakawa Aya (Becky). Then there was an interview session.

Q: Impression of the song?
Michiko: It was very difficult. It's a kind of song that I never sang before. It's not bright. It's not dark. But it's sort of ecchi..
Kae: The others are sexy, but not me. It's different from my style. Please forgive me. It was a cool song. Maybe I couldn't sing it too well.
Aya: I think it was a first time for all of us. It was difficult for all of us. I hear this song has lyrics that won't lose to the OAV.

Q: How are the lyrics?
Aya: Very ecchi! "Give me more." "Shake your body." They are aiming for the ecchiness.
Kae: It's ecchi, but cool.

Q: How was it singing together?
Michiko: It's one song, but we sing different parts. The voices are different, the mood (of the character) is different. But it all fits the image of the song.
Kae: For the chorus part where we sing together, we matched Aya's soft mood. But for the individual parts, it was e.. ecchi.

Q: They say that the anime is very high quality.
Aya: I'm looking forward to it.
Michiko: I looked a little at the manga. It's sexy, and mature.
Kae: One girl is an expert at ecchiness. But instead of an adult, it's sort of childish. I've never done a role like this before, so I'm looking forward to it.

Q: About your roles?
Michiko: It's not completely adult. There are parts that are cute.
Aya: I'm the oldest. I'm told to do a mature role. I'm sorry, that's all I know right now.

Q: How do you feel about the song after you've listened to yourself?
Michiko: Aya is very sexy.
Aya: What are you talking about? It was difficult, but fun.
Michiko: When it was finished, I understood what they wanted.
Kae: It's too different for me. I'm so childish, but they said that it was ok, so I'm happy.

Q: How do you feel when you hear the word "guns"?
Aya: I don't know anything about it.
Michiko: I don't collect model guns or anything.. but maybe it feels great.
Kae: My character uses bombs.

Q: The group name is Gun Smith Cats?
producer (?): Yes.
Aya: We are going to take the CD jacket pictures in jeans.
Kae: I haven't worn jeans that much, so I'm a little nervous.