Gun Smith Cats OAV 1 after recording

The after recording for the first OAV for Gun Smith Cats took place at Studio Echo 8F on 1995.07.25.

There was a short photo session with Neya Michiko (Rally), Araki Kae (Minny), and Hisakawa Aya (Becky), as they posed with model guns and grenades and such. Then there was an interview session.

Q: Any comments on the anime?
Michiko: I just saw the pictures. It's very cool. It's like watching a foreign movie. It seems like this can be enjoyed by older people.
Q: How was it seeing Rally move?
Michiko: She's not boyish, but she doesn't have sex appeal. I'm looking forward to doing the voice.
Q: Any comments on the anime?
Aya: Very nice pictures. It's like a hard boiled action movie. I'm like an older sister to the other two, so I would like to be a little mature.
Kae: I want to have fun doing it. It's not like I haven't had fun before doing the other voices. There is nothing about Minnie May's boy friend in this episode. I want to try to do the parts with him a little more serious. I'm a child compared to the other two, so I just try to have fun.
Q: The GSC image song had an "ecchi" image. Was the OAV ecchi too?
Michiko: No, not ecchi. It's very cool. There were some scenes of Rally in her underwear, but that's about it.
Kae: I liked the part where May kisses the bomb, and then throws it. Some parts are sexy.
Aya: It's cool.