3x3 Eyes Seima Densetsu episode 1 after recording

The after recording of the 3x3 Eyes anime (first video of the new series) took place at TAVAC studios on 1995.02.27.

At the beginning, all of the voice actors and actresses came out for a group picture. There were more than 10 people, and I only recognized about half of them.. The main people were Hayashibara Megumi (who was doing the voice of Pai), Tsujitani Kouji (Yakumo), and Ohtsuka Akio (Benares). Other people who I recognized were Tomizawa Michie and Onodera Mariko. After the group picture, Hayashibara Megumi, Tsujitani Kouji, and Ohtsuka Akio remained for an interview.

At this time (2:30 PM), the voice actors had not done the voices yet.

Some of the comments were:

Ohtsuka Akio
There are lots of bloody scenes. But this story ends before Benares does much.
Hayashibara Megumi
I have to do three Pais. The old Pai (from the first OAV), the childhood Pai, and the normal high school student Pai, who had lost her memory. The normal high school student Pai and the old Pai is very different, in the way they talk and such.
Tsujitani Kouji
It has been 4 years. There have been a lot in those 4 years. Megumi and I have talked and said that we wanted to do some more. The previous series was just like an introduction. It's going to get fun from here.


Megumi: Yakumo has become stronger.
Kouji: In the first one, Yakumo was just a normal high school student. But in this one he has trained for 4 years, so he has become stronger.
Megumi: Since there were games, and such for 3x3 Eyes, it doesn't seem like 4 years.

Akio: There are great bloody scenes.
Megumi: The picture is very nice. It moves very well. Sometimes it's hard to say the voices right.
Kouji: In the scene where Yakumo fights, it's very smooth, just like live action. It must have been very hard for the animators.
Megumi: It's like a movie.