Doukyuusei/Kakyuusei Event Interview

While they were showing Doukyuusei 4 and Kakyuusei 1, there was an interview and photo session with the voice actresses.


The voice actresses were.

Q: Doukyuusei is one of the best selling bishoujo anime. What parts were you careful of when you did the voices?
Takada: I'm surprised that it is the best selling one. I'm very happy. I'm surprised to see so many press people at the event. Since this was a game, I want the game fans to enjoy the anime too. Satomi had her turn in volume 1 and volume 2, then it was the other girls' turns. I think it is a fun anime.
Oikawa: Volume 3 was the hardest one. There wasn't that many lines in the other volumes. There wasn't anything that was very difficult. I thought about how to portray the character, but I just did a bright, pure girl.
Takahashi: Mai-chan is an ojousama of a good family with strict parents. So the point is how she breaks out of it. I didn't want to betray the fans of Mai-chan. I began to like Mai-chan, and I did her role in the way I would have acted if I was Mai-chan. So it was very natural for me.
Kanai: Urara is a first year student in high school, so I wanted to do a pure, honest girl. Since her name is Urara, and there is Takano Urara in my office, it was hard to do at first. But the picture was very cute, so I was able to do it.

Q: If there was a guy like Wataru in your high school days, would you have become his girl friend?
Takada: If Wataru doesn't talk much, it would be ok.
Kanai: Is he supposed to be cool?
Takada: Um.. he's very nice. He's nice to all girls, and he's fun.
Oikawa: So it might be ok if he was one of my boy friends. I don't want to get too deeply involved
Takada: Yes, he'll go on to another girl right away.
Takahashi: I wonder if the girls all know about his relationship with the other girls.
Takada: I don't think so.

Q: What are your feelings when you do the ecchi scenes?
Takada: The pictures are very beautiful. So I don't want to do a voice that would break the image. Some people ask me if I use that kind of voice normally. The voice is one that comes from the pictures.
Oikawa: When I did it, there was hardly any pictures. So it was a little hard to match the voice. Also it wasn't normal ecchi. It was one using ropes. So yelling, "Stop it!" a lot was difficult.
Takahashi: In Mai-chan's case she had her strict father in her mind, and she did it by breaking away from him. Although it was her first time, I tried to bring out the feeling that she wanted to do it.
Kanai: Since Kakyuusei is a younger sister anime of Doukyuusei, it's not as adult. There was a little touch of comedy, so I just followed the script and did it without trying to sound too raw.

Q: Other comments.
Takada: This is the final one, but since there are more girls in the Doukyuusei world, I hope there are some more, with the fan's help.
Oikawa: I heard there is a Doukyuusei 2 and the contents will depend on what the fans want. So please say that you want the former members.
Takahashi: There are many anime like Doukyuusei, which is a little ecchi. But I would like people to keep the heart important and not just the ecchi parts.
Kanai: For those under 15, please watch it when you turn 15. It's a fun anime, and not just ecchi.

Q: Have you ever played this game?
Takada: No.
Oikawa: No.
Takahashi: Not the PC game, but there was an arcade mahjong game. I did a voice in that.
Kanai: Me too.

Photo session

There was a photo session, and pictures of the voice actresses were taken outside and in the lobby.