Sailor Moon dictionary (F)

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An alien who flew around space alone, who had met Mamoru in the past.
(Sailor Moon R movie)

fire buster [ファイヤー・バスター]
Eudial's attack.

fire soul [ファイヤー・ソウル]
One of Sailor Mars' attacks.

fire soul bird [ファイヤー・ソウル・バード]
One of Sailor Mars' attacks.

Fish Eye [フィッシュアイ]
A very effeminate bad guy with long blue hair, blue outfit.
(Sailor Moon Supers)

flower hurricane
One of Sailor Jupiter's attacks.

Fruits Parlor Crown [フルーツ・パーラー・クラウン]
The coffee/desert shop that Usagi and friends go to a lot. Located above the game center.

Fukami Rica [深見梨加]
Voice actress for Aino Minako.

Furuhata Motoki [古幡元基]
A friend of Mamoru who works at the Crown Game Center.

Furuhata Unazuki [古幡宇奈月]
Motoki's younger sister who works at Fruits Parlor Crown.

Furuya Tohru
Voice actor for Chiba Mamoru.

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