Sailor Moon dictionary (H)

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Han Keiko [潘恵子]
Voice actress for Luna and Queen Beryl.

Hara Eriko [原えりこ]
Voice actress for Sailor Iron Mouse.

Haruka [Ten'ou Haruka] [はるか]
The girl who transforms into Sailor Uranus.

Haruna [Sakurada Haruna] [春菜]
The teacher of Usagi's class in Juuban Junior High School.

Hawks Eye [ホークスアイ]
A bad guy with spiked up pink hair.
(Sailor Moon Supers)

Hell House [ヘルハウス]
The nickname given to the supposedly haunted house, which was the embassy of Yubelia.
(Sailor Moon Supers special episode 3)

Hikawa Shrine [火川神社]
The shrine where Rei and her grandfather lived.

Hino Rei [火野レイ]
The girl who transforms into Sailor Mars.

Hisakawa Aya [久川綾]
Voice actress for Mizuno Ami.

Horie Mitsuko [堀江美津子]
Voice actress for Sailor Galaxia.

holy grail
The very powerful item that is used by the Messiah, that can destroy the world. The holy grail only appears when the 3 talisman are brought together.

Hotaru [Tomoe Hotaru] [ほたる]
The girl who transforms into Sailor Saturn.

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