Sailor Moon dictionary (K)

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Kaiou Michiru [海王みちる]
The girl who transforms into Sailor Neptune.

kaleid moon scope [カレイド・ムーン・スコープ]
Super Sailor Moon's item shaped like a pink long stick with a winged handle.
(Sailor Moon Supers)

A racing car mechanic, who was a friend of Haruka. His heart crystal was taken.
(Sailor Moon S episode 92)

Kaolinite [カオリナイト]
Professor Tomoe's assistant.

Karaberas [カラベラス]
The second oldest of the ayakashi sisters.

Katakuri Ukon [カタクリウコン]
An author who wrote Drop Drop, who got attacked by Mimete.
(Sailor Moon S episode 113)

Katarina [カタリナ]
The policewoman in England who was Minako's close friend.
(Sailor Moon episode 42)

Katsuki Masako [勝生真沙子]
Voice actress for Kaiou Michiru.

Kawashima Chiyoko [川島千代子]
Voice actress for Sailor Pluto, Sakurada Haruna, Tsukino Shingo, and other characters.

Kayama Mika [香山美香]
Shingo's girl friend.

King Endymion [キング・エンディミオン]
The Endymion of the 30th Century, and father of small lady.

Kino Makoto [木野まこと]
The girl who transforms into Sailor Jupiter.

The baby dinosaur that became friends with Chibi Usa.
(Sailor Moon R episode 67)

A space plant creature that took over people with weak hearts. She took over Fiore.
(Sailor Moon R movie)

Kumada Yuuichirou [熊田雄一郎]
The boy in love with Rei. He works and lives at Hikawa Shrine.

Kunzite [クンツァイト]
One of the generals of the Dark Kingdom.

kurozuishou [黒水晶]
The black crystal, that locates the humans that are nijizuishou carriers.

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