Sailor Moon dictionary (L)

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Lead Crow [レッド・クロウ]
An enemy in a red outfit, who works for Galaxia.

lemures [レムレス]
The androids (?) that are called by the bad guys to fight.
(Sailor Moon Supers)

Lubiina [ルビーナ姫]
A princess of a foreign country.
(Sailor Moon Supers episode 146)

Luna [ルナ]
The black cat that lives with Usagi.

Luna-P [ルナP]
Chibi Usa's pet, that looks similar to a basketball with Luna's face. It's a magical item that can turn into many things.

luna-P henge [ルナP変化]
One of Chibi Usa's magic words.
luna-P transform.

luna-P magic [ルナPマジック]
One of Chibi Usa's magic words.

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