Miyuki and Natsumi Files

These CDs contain the OP and ED songs, plus an image song for Miyuki and Natsumi, along with some drama. The original drama will be told by the viewpoint of Miyuki on the Miyuki File and Natsumi on the Natsumi File. So to have a complete collection, one needs to get both CDs.

Miyuki File


Natsumi File


Hiramatsu Akiko says

I like Miyuki's image song. I like the words. It's a song about her mini patrol car Today, and going on a drive in it. I can tell that it was written by someone who knew cars.

The OP and ED songs were hard, but I just sang with the help of Tamagawa Sakiko.

Tamagawa Sakiko says

Natsumi's image song was a fun song to sing. It's an up tempo and cool song. It will be a fun song when sung together by a group of people. But it is a hard song to sing.

The OP and ED duet with Hiramatsu Akiko was fun. Our voices are different, but similar in some aspects.