Taiho Shichauzo file 1

And They Met
Product Number
BES-1043 (VHS), BEAL-694 (CAV)
Tsujimoto Natsumi was on her way to work on her mini motorcycle motocompo. It was her first day of work at the new section of the police department. But she was already late!

At a train crossing, she was impatiently waiting for the trains to go by. But the trains kept coming and coming. So Natsumi decided to cut through some side roads and yards, and went speeding on her motorcycle. However, officer Kobayakawa Miyuki, who was in her mini patrol car Today, spotted her and went after her.

Natsumi went through a shrine, up and down some stairs, along sidewalks, and other illegal places, as she tried to get away from the police car that was after her. She even picked up her motorcycle over her head to try to get away from the patrol car.

Miyuki was surprised at seeing what Natsumi would go through to avoid getting caught. But eventually Natsumi got caught as a little cat appeared in front of her and made her wipe out.

At the police headquarters, Natsumi joined the same department as Miyuki, and they even became partners. Miyuki had been researching about Natsumi on her computer, and knew a lot about her. Miyuki liked Natsumi.

Since Natsumi's motorcyle got beaten up, Miyuki fixed it. But Natsumi saw Miyuki touching her motorcycle and complained. Natsumi didn't like Miyuki's personality.

Natsumi said that she didn't want to be Miyuki's partner. So Miyuki was going to flip a coin to see whether they should stay together as partners, or break up. Just as she was going to toss the coin, a mysterious red mini came speeding around. Miyuki and Natsumi got into Today and went after it.

The driver of the red mini called Miyuki and Natsumi. He told them that he had some fireworks planted somewhere, and the girls thought that he had planted a bomb. He said that they would know the location at the end of the game. So there was a big chase as Miyuki went after the red mini.

Miyuki and the souped up mini went chasing after the red mini with confidence.

But the red mini was too fast and too good. Miyuki couldn't catch him as they drove through narrow roads and river beds. But Miyuki used the navigation system in her mini to find a way to trap the red mini.

Natsumi went off on her mini motorcycle to trap the red mini. Natsumi and Miyuki finally cornered it, but then the red mini turned its wheels sideways and got away! After the shock, Miyuki and Natsumi went after the red mini, but it was was nowhere in sight.

Miyuki and Natsumi had lost the red mini, and there wasn't much time left before the bomb was supposed to go off. Then Miyuki drew out the course that they had run while chasing the red mini on a map. It was a picture of an airplane. Miyuki recalled that there was an airplane in a park, so they rushed there.

Miyuki and Natsumi got to the airplane and found the box. There was not much time left, but they started arguing about how they were going to deal with it. Miyuki wanted to dismantle it herself, and Natsumi wanted to go toss it into the ocean. While they were arguing, the bomb went off! Fortunately, it was just fireworks.