Taiho Shichauzo file 2

Tokyo Typhoon Rally
Product Number
BES-1044 (VHS), BEAL-695 (CAV)

As dark storm clouds build outside, a yellow Lancia Delta Integrale is lowered out of its parking garage. The driver laughs, revs up the engine, and heads out into the streets of Tokyo.

Natsumi and Miyuki are out patrolling while Natsumi complains about work. They pass by Wakaba Preschool where she notices a bunch of kids gathered round one holding something. Natsumi smiles and tells them that they should go straight home after school. They get out and the kids happily greet their favorite police women. One little girl is holding her hat with a cat curled up inside it. Natsumi recognizes the cat as the little one she nearly ran over on her first day to work a year ago. The kids are surprised that she recognizes it and want to know how.

Miyuki asks about the cat, who doesn't appear to be well. The kids think it may need to go to the hospital because of this. Nakajima's arrival breaks up this conversation. The kids all call him Ken-chan, which amuses Natsumi. He picks up the cat by the scruff of its neck and comments that it's gotten awfully fat. Miyuki immediately grabs the cat away from him, cradles it tenderly and criticizes him for handling the animal that way. Meanwhile, Natsumi reassures the girl who had the cat that they'll see it gets better.

While they are talking, the yellow Lancia speeds by, barely missing the children. Natsumi holds them away from the road, then turns to yell imprecations at the driver. The children find an angry Natsumi somewhat scary.

Nakajima comments that there's no mistaking that yellow Lancia. From inside the protection of his arms a slightly scared Miyuki comments, ``Ummm, Nakajima-kun.'' He is quite embarrassed to be caught in such a situation, immediately lets her go and tries to regain his composure. Proving just how much he has lost it, he jumps on his motorcycle and proceeds to fall right over on his side. Miyuki is left holding the cat and wondering about him.

The police duo return to the parking lot at headquarters. There, Natsumi teases her partner about Nakajima and how he protected her. Miyuki claims it was just because of the Lancia. Yoriko enters at this point and asks if they saw Nakajima. This sets off Miyuki who heads up the stairs in a huff, still carrying the cat. Natsumi and Yoriko agree that maybe there is something behind the way Miyuki is reacting.

The clouds and wind have now turned into a fierce rain. Inside, Miyuki looks over the cat, now safe in a makeshift bed. Yoriko and Natsumi wonder why she's not happy about the recent surprising event with Nakajima. Their speculation is interrupted by a cry from Miyuki. It seems like the cat is going to have kittens. That's why she's so fat and is just lying there.

Nakajima comes in and asks, nay begs, a favor from Miyuki. She goes off to help, leaving the other two to speculate that he's going to propose. They head off to spy on that event. It turns out that Nakajima just wanted some help on his motorcycle (with some special modifications). Miyuki agrees, saying there are others to help too, turning to the two hiding listeners.

Miyuki keeps the two busy helping her work on the bike. Yoriko stops for a minute, tired. Nakajima offers her a drink, and while they talk, she almost spills the beans on her and Natsumi's suspicions.

Outside, the typhoon continues to build. Elsewhere, the yellow Lancia continues on its race through the city. A truck has to swerve to miss it and rolls over on its side, spilling melons all over the street. Natsumi and Miyuki head out to the scene of this accident, while Nakajima suits up to head out in the rain on his bike.

The two arrive on the scene, only to find that the driver is still inside the truck, knocked out. Natsumi tries to open the door on top, but only manages to tear off the handle. Not to be deterred, she wraps a handkerchief around her fist and punches a hole in the windshield. They carry the driver out and to the ambulance, then help pickup the melons covering the street.

Back in the patrol car, the two dry off from the rain and discuss the accident. Miyuki says that it was caused by the yellow Lancia that Nakajima was worried about. She explains that this season every year, during a typhoon, some selfish guy takes out this legendary car on a race through the streets. Natsumi remembers Nakajima contending with this last year and asks if he was defeated. Of course, a bike is a big handicap, but Natsumi replies that continuing such a struggle is just like Nakajima. Miyuki isn't happy with this, since each year the contest escalates. This time it'll end with an accident, next time...

This conversation is interrupted by a call from Yoriko asking for help. Back at the station, she explains that the cat isn't eating and is crying out strangely. Natsumi figures it's about time for the kittens to be born.

The two take the cat off, and with directions from Yoriko, head for an animal hospital. Nakajima overhears the radio conversation and is finds the mention of an animal hospital confusing. As he asks Yoriko about it, the wind blows a tree over into the power lines and takes out the electricity in this section of town. The driver of the Lancia just laughs and speeds on.

The doctor at the animal hospital looks over the cat, but there is not much he can do since the power there has also failed. He tells Natsumi and Miyuki that there are complications since the cat is so small, but he can't do anything here without the electricity. He does think of another place they could take the cat for help. The grateful two head off to do so.

On the way, Natsumi relates this to Yoriko and asks for directions. She doesn't have them and is surprised when Miyuki thinks of a way, even more so when it is over an expressway that is currently closed. After moving aside the barricade, the two head off down this road.

As they drive, Natsumi tenderly tells the cat to hang in there. Miyuki is surprised (and amused) that she even has a gentle voice like this. They notice a car behind them, gaining. It's the yellow Lancia. It roars past them, but Miyuki won't be beaten so easily. The gals remark to each other how dangerous this is. As the two cars race, Natsumi notices which exit they're passing and tells Miyuki that she's overdoing it. Miyuki is taking this chase personally, while the driver of the Lancia simply smiles.

The radio beeps. It's Nakajima calling them. He's right behind them. He pulls in front of the Lancia, giving its driver another opponent so they can continue taking care of the cat (he's heard what they're doing). Natsumi thinks he's really cool, but Miyuki is worried that he'll be ok, since a motorcycle is rather dangerous, especially in this kind of weather. His response that he'll be ok; he believes in the special work she did on his bike brings a smile to Miyuki's face.

As they continue across the viaduct, Natsumi finds it amusing that Miyuki did this special work for Nakajima. She tries to find out what she calls him. ``Kenbo?'' ``Ken-Ken?'' ``Kensuke?'' ``Ken?'' ``Ken-chan?'' This is interrupted by a call from ``Ken-chan'' that this is their exit coming up. As they exit the freeway, Miyuki remarks about the race they left, ``Since it's Ken-chan, he'll surely win.'' She then yells at a gloating Natsumi for keeping mentioning ``Ken-chan'' and making her call him that.

The rain is so heavy that even some of the subways are stopped due to flooded tunnels. Passengers are forced to wait, as are many drivers as well. Natsumi gives Miyuki directions through empty back streets to the other animal hospital and also tells the little cat to ``hang in there.''

The yellow Lancia ups the stakes and bumps Nakajima's motorcycle from behind. He doesn't take this to kindly and returns the driver a kick in the window. Continuing this game of escalating stakes, he lures the Lancia driver into a glancing blow with the guardrails. The driver is not to happy about this damage to his car.

Miyuki and Natsumi have come to a flooded out point in the road. They try to find a way around this, but the computer in the car shows that any other route is also blocked. Miyuki points out they have another alternative; it's up to Natsumi now. She was thinking the same thing. Astride her Motocompo, with the cat safely tied to her back, Natsumi heads off over the flood on the guardrails. Miyuki wishes her luck as she heads off.

As the race continues, Nakajima proves that Miyuki's modifications to his bike really do help. He is able to make a fast and tight corner, while the yellow Lancia skids into the guardrails and spins out. The driver stops, gets out and collapses on the ground. Nakajima calmly walks up and tells him, ``I have something to tell you: Hey! when passing near children, slow down and drive safely. Remember this!''

Miyuki, having taken the long way around, finally arrives at the animal hospital. The sound of kittens mewing brings a smile to her face and she runs in the door. As they rain tapers off she and Natsumi head back across town.

The next day, with the rain over and gone, the preschoolers come out and find Miyuki and Natsumi's patrol car parked near their school. They look in and find the two asleep inside. There is also a basket there with a note saying it's a present for all of them. The kids carefully take the basket from the car, and remove the lid. Inside is the little cat, happily nursing her new kittens.

Natsumi finally opens her eyes, wakes Miyuki and points out a note taped to the windshield. It's from the children thanking them. They both smile and then drive off.