Taiho Shichauzo After Recording Session for File 1

The after recording for Taiho Shichauzo File 1 took place on Sunday 7/10 at the Tokyo TV Center. [after recording = recording the voices for the anime]

The after recording of the anime was planned for 11:00 to 15:00, and the recording of the CD was planned for 16:00 and after. They had planned around 30 minutes for the press between 15:00 and 16:00.

Some of the comments by the voice actors and staff were as follows.

Hiramatsu Akiko (Miyuki)

I was looking forward to this one. It was half fun, half nervous. Because there were lots of technical/mechanic words, I was worried about it. It was very hard because of the mechanic words.

Today I saw the nice pictures. The tempo is good, and I think it will be great when the music is mixed in.

The character Miyuki is idealistic, goes at her own pace, and is cute.

Tamagawa Sakiko (Natsumi)

Ever since the time I auditioned, I was looking forward to Natsumi's lines. Previously we had done the telephone service lines. Today was the first time doing it with pictures, but it didn't seem like a new character.

I was told to do a character that doesn't think too much about her actions. But since I'm a logical person, it's hard.

I think it will be a great anime. Please look forward to it.

Shimada Bin (Nakajima)

The anime has a good tempo. The combination of Miyuki and Natsumi is great. Today, Nakajima didn't have that many lines. But I'm looking forward to this series.

I'll try to do Nakajima as a person who tries very hard at whatever he does.

Masamune Issei (Kacho)

It has been five years since my last anime. I was feeling lost. I had forgotten everything. There's a lot of pressure because everyone is so good. I'll try my best.

I'll try to do Kacho's character as a dandy and cool man.

Kozakura Etsuko (Yoriko)

The anime has good art and good tempo. I've always done animals and kids in the past. This is the first time that I've done an adult woman. I was very nervous. But it turned out well because of Yoriko's personality. She is very cute, and I want to do her cute.

I didn't have that many lines in this one. I hope there is more in later episodes.

Furuhashi Kazuhiro (the director)

I tried as best as possible. It was the first time with these characters, and I didn't know everything. I'm looking forward to see how the story goes in the four volumes. Since there are only four volumes I can't do too much with the mecha. So it will be mainly about the characters.

I want to make a feel good anime.

Fujishima Kousuke (the author of the manga)

In one word, "Sugee!" (Wow!)

At this recording there is a good fit of Natsumi and Miyuki. This anime feels very good. The movement of the cars was also very good. The director said that he didn't know much about cars, but how can he do it this good if he didn't?!