What is Yuugen Kaisha

Yuugen Kaisha is an investigation company that specialized in suspicious cases caused by spirits.

When there is a request for investigation, the young female president, Kisaragi Ayaka, calls together a staff of people who have special powers and they go off to solve the case.

Actually Ayaka's family had a shrine that they had run for a long time. They had chased spirits and did exorcism, but they had never had a female priest. When she found out that she had to live as a shrine maiden, Ayaka rebelled. So she ran away from home and built her own company. This was Yuugen Kaisha.

The staff of Yuugen Kaisha was supported by a registering system. Normally they had other jobs, so when a case occurred they were called. It was a small detective firm now, but eventually Ayaka wanted to become a female president of a large corporation with lots of regular employees.