What is Police department, section U?

Section U was the special investigation setction of the Japan police department.

The police department had mastered scientific investigation. But sometimes they run into cases that they can't solve. Recently a lot of them have been this kind. It was the "bizzare phenomenon", "supernatural phenomenon", etc.. where normal scientific methods didn't work. So a new section was created.

However it is also said that this is just a section where the exiled ones go to.

Some VIP said, "The FBI has started using espers. Actually we (Japan police department) should have started putting our efforts into this field earlier. But even now it is not too late. The world is full of mysterious things. Good luck."

The three people were given the incoherent orders: Assistant inspector Karino, who was well known as being not outstanding, Policeman Ishibara, who was just waiting for his retirement, and Asakaga, who was a female in the general affairs department. What can these members do?