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  • Newtype May 1995

    cover Newtype May 1995
    on sale 1995.04.10
    The Voice Bloom article is an 8 page article that covers the current
    seiyuu boom, and the previous seiyuu booms that occurred in the
    past 30 years. The first seiyuu boom was from 1965 to 1972, and
    was mostly due to dubs of foreign TV drama. The second seiyuu boom
    was from 1997 to 1983, and was due to anime such as Uchuu Senkan
    Yamato, Kidou Senshi Gundam, and Ginga Tetsudou 999. The current
    seiyuu boom started in 1992, and was due mainly to female seiyuu in
    anime such as Sailor Moon and Aa Megami-sama.

    seiyuu content pages color
    Sakurai Tomoarticle, scene of cv1/2+2 P COLOR
    Asaoka Natsumivoice bloom3 P COLOR
    Imai Yukavoice bloom3 P COLOR
    Onodera Marikovoice bloom3 P COLOR
    Tsumura Makotovoice bloom3 P COLOR
    Ikezawa Harunavoice bloom3 P COLOR
    Iwao Junkovoice bloom, event report3+1 P COLOR
    Satou Yurivoice bloom3 P COLOR
    Nagasawa Mikivoice bloom, event report3+1 P COLOR
    Kasahara Rumivoice bloom3 P COLOR
    Shiina Hekiruvoice bloom, event report, postcard3+1 P COLOR
    Natsuki Riovoice bloom3 P COLOR
    Okada Junkovoice bloom3 P COLOR (Taoka Jun)
    Nishimura Chinamivoice bloom3 P COLOR
    Takenouchi Minakovoice bloom3 P COLOR
    Hikami Kyokovoice bloom3 P COLOR
    Tange Sakuravoice bloom3 P COLOR
    Miyamura Yukovoice bloom3 P COLOR
    Hayashibara Megumiarticle1/2 P COLOR
    Yao Kazukiarticle1/2 P COLOR
    Asagami Youkoarticle1/2 P COLOR
    Nozawa Nachiarticle1/2 P COLOR
    Kamiya Akiraarticle1/2 P COLOR
    Hiramatsu AkikoTPD article1/2 P COLOR
    Tamagawa SakikoTPD article1/2 P COLOR
    Mitsuishi Kotonoevent report, postcard1 P COLOR
    Hisakawa Ayapostcard  COLOR

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