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  • Search results for "Ogata Kenichi" in cd database

    SongRanma 1/2 Kakutou Karuta, 1991.12.21Ogata Kenichi (斤数腑办)
    SongMinky Mono Utau Fairy Tale (KICA-120), 1992.09.26Ogata Kenichi (斤数腑办)
    TalkCalm Breaker (KICA-375-6), 1997.10.22Ogata Kenichi (斤数腑办)
    TalkHiza no Ue no Partner drama CD kouhen (PCCB-317), 1998.05.20Ogata Kenichi (斤数腑办)
    TalkVoice Theater Series 6 Uwase no Genma (TYCY-10011), 1999.02.24Ogata Kenichi (斤数腑办)
    TalkBeast of East (MMCC-4057), 2004.07.23Ogata Kenichi (斤数腑办)
    TalkPani Poni Second Season Vol.2 (PCCC-0025), 2004.12.22Ogata Kenichi (斤数腑办)
    TalkChitose Gecchu! (FCCC-44), 2005.12.22Ogata Kenichi (斤数腑办)
    single SongCharacters Christmas (PCDG-027), 1991.01.21Ogata Kenichi (斤数腑办)
    single SongKonoyode Ichiban Oshougatsu ga Suki (PCDG-016), 1991.01.21Ogata Kenichi (斤数腑办)

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