Hiatari Ryoukou movie

Ka-su-mi Yume no Naka ni Kimigaita
  • Summary by Hitoshi Doi, 1988.10.19.
The movie starts out with Katsuhiko going to the US, with Kasumi and Yusaku seeing him off at Narita.

Two years later, Katsuhiko is a professional racer, and comes back to Japan to race (and to marry Kasumi). Yusaku's hobby is photography.

Kasumi goes on a date with Katsuhiko, and he proposes to her. She says no (or doesn't answer, I forgot). She says there are still many things that she wants to do.

Yusaku has entered a photo contest and asks Katsuhiko if he can take some pictures of him racing the time trials. Katsuhiko takes Yusaku and Kasumi, assistant, to the course. Kasumi tells Yusaku that Katsuhiko proposed to her.

The day of the race arrives. Katsuhiko says to Kasumi that he is betting everything on this race, and that he wants her to marry him when he wins. Katsuhiko was in second place and racing well, but then he wipes out and loses a lot of ground. Katsuhiko tries very hard, using all his skills to the limit to catch up, and in the final lap, he his dead even with the leader. Then, near the finish line, the leader has a near miss with another rider and this rider wipes out in front of Katsuhiko. Katsuhiko crashes and is sent flying.

Katsuhiko is taken to the hospital. Kasumi and Yusaku wait for him to regain consciousness. Then, Kasumi tells him that she will marry him!

The wedding day is here! Just as Kasumi was reluctantly going to say, "I do" Yusaku screams out. He then says how much he loves Kasumi and that he didn't notice it until now. He wants Kasumi to marry him. Katsuhiko says to Kasumi that the choice is yours. Kasumi chooses Yusaku.

Then, Kasumi wakes up from her dream, and she is on the bus going home from the airport!

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