Touch movie 1

Touch Sebangouno Nai Ace
[Touch The Ace Without A Number]
  • translation v1.0 by Hitoshi Doi, 1992.07.19
It was April.
At Meisei High School..

Harada		Hi.
Tatsuya		Hey.
Harada		Looking for a club?
Tatsuya		Yeah.
Harada		See you.

Tatsuya		Boxing..  I'll get killed if I get hit by him.
Kazuya		Tatsuya!

Tatsuya		Hey.
Minami		Tacchan are you still deciding on a club?
Tatsuya		Yeah..
Kazuya		You were saying that you would try baseball when
 you got into high school.
Tatsuya		Yeah..
Minami		You want to go into a club where there are a lot of
 cute girls right?
Tatsuya		Stupid.
Kazuya		Well I have to go to baseball practice.
Tatsuya		Ok.
Tatsuya		Did you decide on a club?
Minami		I did.
Tatsuya		Is that so.
Minami		Tacchan, join the baseball team.

Tatsuya was peeking into the girls' gymnastics practice.

girls		Who is that.
girls		What a pervert.

Tatsuya was staring at the girls' tennis practice.
The girls started hitting balls at him.

Tatsuya		Ok.

Tatsuya		Sigh..
Tatsuya		What should I do..

Tatsuya was watching the baseball team practice.

Yuko		Uesugi.. Tatsuya?
Tatsuya		Huh?
Yuko		Kazuya's..
Tatsuya		Yes, I'm his brother.
Yuko		This is the first time we've met.  I'm Kojima.
Tatsuya		Yes..?
Yuko		I'm the team manager of the baseball team.
Tatsuya		Ah, Hello sensei..
Yuko		I've known about you since you were in junior high.
Tatsuya		Huh?
Yuko		You're the twin brother of the junior high ace Kazuya..
Tatsuya		I'm the one with the bad reputation..
Yuko		Not that.  I was talking about your great physical abilities.
Tatsuya		Huh?
Yuko		You're always first in the sprints in the athletic festivals.
Tatsuya		If it's just running, I can..
Yuko		Don't you play baseball?
Tatsuya		My brother plays baseball.
Yuko		Don't you play?
Tatsuya		No I don't play.
Yuko		Why?
Tatsuya		There isn't any specific reason..
Tatsuya		Because Kazuya is playing.
Yuko		That doesn't matter.  Do you hate baseball?
Tatsuya		No.  I don't hate it.
Yuko		I think you can be a great pitcher.
Tatsuya		Is that so..
Yuko		If you haven't decided on a club yet, please come.
 I'll be waiting for you.  Bye..
Tatsuya		Baseball..

[The following was in the script, but not in the video that I saw.]
# That night, at the store Minamikaze..
# Master		Hey Minami.
# Master		Bring this to our neighbors.
# Minami		Wow!
# Master		It's from one of our customers from Kyoto.
# Minami		Bamboo shoots.  It's great.

Minami		Good evening.
Mother		Welcome Minami.
Minami		This is from my father.
Mother		Wow!  Looks delicious.
Minami		Where's Kacchan?
Mother		In the dining room.
Minami		Good evening.
Father		Hi Minami.

Minami		Hi.
Kazuya		Hi.
Minami		How's your condition?
Kazuya		Not bad.
Minami		Is that so..
Mother		Can you come?
Father		Ok.
Father		Minami, make yourself at home.
Minami		Thank you.
Minami		Isn't the practice much harder than in junior high?
Kazuya		Yeah.
Minami		How is the change to the hard ball?
Kazuya		It feels like high school baseball.
Minami		So..  You're psyched up?
Kazuya		Yeah.
Minami		Where's Tacchan?
Kazuya		In the bath.

In the bath..

Tatsuya		Baseball..

Minami		Ok. I'm going home.
Tatsuya		Oh, you were here Minami.
Minami		Yeah, but I'm going home now.
Tatsuya		Oh, you're going home already.
Minami		Bye.
Tatsuya		Ok.

Tatsuya		Kazuya, why don't you go into the bath now.
Kazuya		I'll go in later.
Kazuya		Did you decide?
Tatsuya		What?
Kazuya		About joining the baseball team.
Tatsuya		Oh that.
Kazuya		You taught me baseball when we were young.
Kazuya		I think it would be great.  If you play baseball,
 we can play together again.

The next day at school..
Tatsuya was remembering previous conversations.

Kazuya		Are you going to come to the baseball team today?
Minami		Oh did you decide?
Tatsuya		No, I didn't decide yet.
Minami		You should decide.  It would be great.
Tatsuya		Which club are you going to join?
Minami		It's a secret.

Yuko		Good morning.
Minami		Good morning.
Yuko		Tatsuya have you decided?
Tatsuya		Huh?
Yuko		Yesterday's talk.  Did you think about it?
Tatsuya		Yes..
Yuko		See you later.

Kazuya		Do you know our team manager?
Tatsuya		Yeah..
Minami		What did you talk about?
Tatsuya		Nothing..
Minami		There's something fishy.  Kojima-sensei is very pretty.
Tatsuya		Stupid.

Tatsuya		Baseball..

Tatsuya		Maybe I'll try it..

announcer	Kojima-sensei, there is a phone call for you.
 Please come to the office.

Tatsuya walked up to the baseball club house.
Tatsuya was about to open the door.

Minami		My name is Asakura Minami.  Yoroshiku.
nine		Wow.
coach		Quiet!  Minami has decided to be our manager in
 place of Koyama.
nine		Yeah!
coach		But as everyone knows..
coach		Since junior high, Asakura and Uesugi are.
nine		Going out!
nine		Ha ha.
coach		Quiet.  Yes, it is that way..
Minami		It's..
coach		But in the baseball team, it doesn't matter at all.
 From today Asakura is Meisei baseball team's manager.
nine		Yeah!
coach		Everyone don't worry about Uesugi and let her take
 care of you.
nine		Yeah!  I'm so happy!  Let's go!
Minami		Everyone, yoroshiku!
Ishigaki	I'm the second baseman Ishigaki.
Fujimoto	I'm the center fielder Fujimoto!
coach		Asakura will start today and learn the routine from Koyama.
Minami		Yes!
Kuroki		Everyone go out to the field!
 We're going to start practice.
nine		Ok!

Yuko		Aren't you going to play baseball?
Tatsuya		My brother plays.
Yuko		What about you?
Tatsuya		I don't play..
Yuko		Why..?   Why..?

A flashback to when they were kids..

girl		Minami likes the pitcher!
boy A		Then I'm the pitcher!
boy B		No fair, I'm the pitcher!
girl		Then take turns.
boy A		Ok Kazuya, jan-ken-pon, ai-ko-de-sho, ai-ko-de-sho..
girl		Minami likes Kacchan!

Harada came up to Tatsuya.

Harada		Uesugi..
Tatsuya		Hey.
Harada		Write down your class and name.
Tatsuya		Huh?
Harada		Right here.
Tatsuya		Huh?
Harada		Hurry up.  I'm in a hurry.
Harada		Ok.

Minami found out that Tatsuya had signed up for the boxing team.

Kazuya		Boxing team!
Kazuya		Tatsuya!
Kazuya		Really!?
Minami		Harada asked him to join..
Kazuya		Why?
Minami		I don't know.
Kazuya		But he was going to play baseball.. boxing?
Minami		Yeah, boxing.

Tatsuya was getting beaten up at the initial boxing practice.

Tatsuya		Ouch..
Tagawa		What are you doing freshman.
captain		That's enough.
Tagawa		What a bunch of weak freshmen..
Harada		I'm next.
Tagawa		Oh..
Harada		Senpai, how are you.

girl		Minami likes Kazuya!

That night at home in the study room..

Tatsuya		That hurts.  Don't touch!
Minami		I'm just taking a look.
Tatsuya		This isn't something I'm showing off.
Minami		Shut up!
Tatsuya		Don't get close!  Go away!
Kazuya		I was waiting for you.
Minami		Yeah.  I joined the baseball team too.  Stupid.
Tatsuya		I can't do anything about it.
Minami		I was happy because I thought that we can do baseball together.
Tatsuya		I can't do anything about it now..
Tatsuya		Ouch!
Kazuya		Are you all right?
Minami		You're stupid.
Tatsuya		Yeah, I'm stupid.

Tatsuya walked out of the room.

Minami		Tatsuya is always doing stupid things..

Tatsuya looked at the sign that Minami had made.
It said "Go for the Koushien, Kacchan.  Minami".
Kazuya walked into the room.

Kazuya		Tatsuya..
Kazuya		Did something happen?
Tatsuya		No, why?
Kazuya		Just wondering.
Tatsuya		It hurts so much that I can't move.
Kazuya		Do you want some coffee?
Tatsuya		Kazuya..
Kazuya		What?
Tatsuya		Um..
Tatsuya		You better go to the Koushien.

It was now May.
Meisei was playing a practice game.

umpire		Strike!
umpire		Strike two!
Minami		Great Kacchan!
umpire		Strike!  Batter out!
students	You're doing great Uesugi!
 Nice pitching!
Minami		You're doing great.
Kazuya		Yeah.
Koutarou	You're control is pretty good.
 You're ball has gotten faster with the hard ball.
Kazuya		Is that so?  I've gotten used to it now.
Yuko		With Kazuya throwing, our team looks totally different.
coach		Good, good, good.

In the boxing team's club house..

Harada		Hey Uesugi.
Tatsuya		Huh?
Harada		Isn't the baseball team playing a game?
Tatsuya		Yeah.
Harada		Aren't you going?
captain		Boxing isn't a dance!
 There isn't much time until the match, stupid!
Harada		Ok, wait here.

Harada talked to the captain.  Then he gave the "ok" sign to Tatsuya.
At the baseball field..

umpire		Strike!  Batter out!
Yuko		How many strike outs now?
Minami		Six.

Tatsuya ran to the baseball field.

Hosokawa	Doing good.
Sakata		Great Uesugi!
Sakata		Hey Tatsuya.
Tatsuya		How's it going?
Hosokawa	No problem.
Sakata		There's nobody who can hit Kazuya's pitches.
 Kazuya is great.
Tatsuya		Is Kitaoka any good?
Sakata		Don't you know.  Kitaoka is famous for its baseball.

umpire		Strike!  Batter out!

Hosokawa	Great it went through for a hit!
Sakata		Let's hit some more!
umpire		Strike!
Sakata		Why can't he hit that ball!
Hosokawa	Idiot!  Just when we had runners on base!

umpire		Play ball!
umpire		Strike two!

Sakata		Hey Tatsuya.  Kazuya may be able to go to Koushien.
 Huh?  Where's Tatsuya?
Hosokawa	Huh?  He was just here.

Tatsuya walked away from the baseball field.

Tatsuya		Of course.  Kazuya is going to Koushien for sure..

Tatsuya got beaten up in the boxing practice.

In the 9th inning Meisei was leading 7-0.

umpire		Strike!  Batter out!

Meisei won the game.

That night Minami ran to the study room.

Punch		On.  On.
Minami		Later!
Punch		On.
Minami		Oh.  Are you alone?
Minami		Where's Tacchan?
Kazuya		He's not home yet.
Minami		Practice?
Kazuya		Looks that way.
Minami		This late?
Kazuya		It seems like he's really working hard at it.
Minami		So Tacchan's doing boxing..
Kazuya		You're not so happy?
Minami		Well..  It seems like he's getting farther apart ever
 since he started boxing.
Kazuya		Since he just started boxing, when he comes home
 he goes to sleep right away.
Minami		I wonder if it is really all right?
Kazuya		Huh?
Minami		I wonder if Tacchan is really doing boxing because he wants to.
Kazuya		What do you mean?
Minami		I don't know.
 But Tacchan and boxing don't go together well.
Kazuya		You're right..

It was now June.

Tatsuya		I wonder if it will stop?
Koutarou	Since it's raining that hard, I don't think so.
Minami		Koutarou!
Koutarou	Yes!
Minami		The baseball practice has been canceled.
Koutarou	Really.  I wanted to practice in the rain.
Minami		Go ahead.
Koutarou	Huh.  Don't tease me Minami.  Where's Kazuya?
Minami		He's talking to the coach.
Koutarou	Ok.  I'll go eat okonomiyaki with him.
Minami		Tacchan, did you bring an umbrella?
Tatsuya		It's ok.  I'll go home with Harada after practice.
Minami		Is that so..

Tatsuya and Harada were looking at the rain.

Tatsuya		You didn't bring an umbrella either?
Harada		Let's run to the club house.
Tatsuya		How are we going to go home?
Harada		There are vinyl bags in the club house.
Tatsuya		We're going to wear garbage bags?
 We aren't pieces of garbage!
Harada		Shut up.

Koutarou, Kazuya, and Minami were talking after school.

Koutarou	That store is very good.  Let's go Kazuya.
Kazuya		Minami, do you want to go too?
Minami		I think I'm getting fat recently.
Koutarou	Where?
Minami		Someplace where you can't see!
Minami		I want to go to the library too.  Please go ahead.
Kazuya		Then, I'll go.
Minami		Don't eat at the same pace as Koutarou.  You'll die.
Koutarou	Minami, don't say that.  Bye.
Minami		Bye.

Tatsuya and Harada were practicing.

Harada		Uesugi.
Tatsuya		Huh?
Harada		You've gotten stronger.
Tatsuya		Really?
Harada		We have a match against Shintani High School soon.
 Everyone has to ready for it.
Tatsuya		He said that, but it doesn't matter to us freshmen.
Harada		You can't be sure.
Tatsuya		You're different.

Tatsuya was jumping rope.

Tatsuya		Aren't you going to do it?
Harada		No..

Minami was waiting in the library until the boxing practice was over.

Harada and Tatsuya got ready to run in the rain.

Harada		Uesugi, let's go.
Tatsuya		We have no choice.  Let's go into the rain.

Minami was waiting in the rain.

Tatsuya		Huh?
Tatsuya		Hi Minami.
Harada		An escort..
Tatsuya		No..  What do you want to do?
Harada		I'll be a piece of garbage.
Harada		Bye.

Tatsuya and Kazuya went to the river bed together.

Kazuya		Isn't this the first time that we came to a place like
 this together, just the two of us?
Tatsuya		Is that so..?
Kazuya		It is.  We were always a threesome with Minami.
 Ever since we were little.
Tatsuya		So it is..  Where's Minami?
Kazuya		She went out with master.
Tatsuya		Don't you have baseball practice today?
Kazuya		A day off.
Tatsuya		You're so easy going when the playoffs are about to begin.
Kazuya		It's the coach's idea.
Tatsuya		Is that so.
Kazuya		Tatsuya..
Tatsuya		What?
Kazuya		About Minami..
Kazuya		I haven't ever talked to you about it.
Tatsuya		What kind of talk?
Kazuya		Um..
Tatsuya		What.
Kazuya		Minami.. although she doesn't say it..

boy A		Hey wait.  I'm first.
boy B		I'm first.

Kazuya		She likes you.
Kazuya		Don't you think so?
Tatsuya		What?  Stupid, what are you talking about.
 Ever since we were little, Minami..
Kazuya		I know.  But I think it's not like that..
Kazuya		She really likes you, but..
Tatsuya		Did you call me here because of that?
Kazuya		No.  It's not that.
Tatsuya		Just because you don't have practice, don't start
 thinking about stupid things.
Kazuya		Is this so stupid?
Tatsuya		It is.  Anyone can see that it's most natural when
 you are next to Minami.
Kazuya		What about you?
Tatsuya		Huh?  I think it's natural.

[The following was in the script, but not in the video that I saw.]
# Kazuya		You really wanted to play baseball didn't you?
# Tatsuya		You're saying a lot of weird things today.
# Kazuya		I can't imagine that you're doing boxing
# 			because you want to.
# Tatsuya		Really?  I'm all psyched up for it.
# Kazuya		Is that so?
# Tatsuya		Then what does it look like?
# Kazuya		It looks like you are running away from Minami.
# Tatsuya		Kazuya..
# Kazuya		Huh?
# Tatsuya		Maybe you're watching too much strange TV shows.
# Tatsuya		Don't think about stupid things.  All you have to
# 			think about is going to Koushien.
# Tatsuya		That's Minami's dream ever since she was little.
# Kazuya		Maybe it doesn't have to be me.
# Tatsuya		What do you mean?
# Kazuya		Do you want to decide it by jan-ken?

It was raining.  Tatsuya and Minami were at school.

Minami		Tacchan!
Tatsuya		Huh?
Minami		You were chosen to fight in the boxing match?
Tatsuya		Yeah.
Minami		Why didn't you tell me about it?
Tatsuya		It's just a practice match.
Minami		It's still a match.  You're going to fight in it!
Minami		You don't want me to go cheer you on?
Tatsuya		No.
Minami		What do you mean?
Tatsuya		I don't want you to see me get beaten up.
Minami		Stupid!  I'd rather see it than worry about it!
Tatsuya		Also..
Tatsuya		It's on the same day as the first round of the
 baseball tournament.
Tatsuya		It's the day that Kazuya will play, carrying the
 hopes of the entire school.
Minami		Why do you have to do it on that day!
Tatsuya		How do I know.
Minami		Who arranged it!
Tatsuya		I don't know.

It was still raining at night.

radio		Since summer is approaching, people in this town are
 very busy this week making beach sandals.  This report
 was about the workers competing for the trend in beach
 sandals.  Next we will have a report from the weather
 center about this rain.
weather woman	This rain, which has been the most in ten years, has
 been caused by the low pressure system over the ocean
 which has collided with the land.  There are no signs
 of it moving any time soon..
Minami		Father, I'm going out.
master		Ok.  It doesn't seem like we will get any more
 customers tonight anyways.

Minami		Hi.
Kazuya		Hi.
Minami		Where's Tacchan?
Kazuya		He was in the dining room.
Minami		Ok..

Minami		Good evening.  Where's Tacchan?
mother		If he's not rolling around over there,
 he's probably upstairs.
father		Mother, let's continue..
mother		Ok.

Minami went up to Tatsuya and Kazuya's room.

Tatsuya		I'm here.
Minami		What are you doing?
Tatsuya		Nothing..
Minami		Tacchan.
Tatsuya		Huh?
Minami		You better try hard in the match.
Tatsuya		It's not a match that's very important.
 It doesn't matter if I win or lose.
Minami		No!
Minami		You have to win!
Tatsuya		What?
Minami		It's so unfair.
Tatsuya		What is?
Minami		I want to see your match too.
Tatsuya		I can't to anything about it..
Minami		It's ok.  I'll go cheer for you.
Tatsuya		What?
Minami		This rain..  It won't stop.

The next day, the rain stopped.
The baseball game started as scheduled.
Tatsuya's boxing match began.

teammates	Uesugi!  Go!  Go!

The first batter got a homerun off of Kazuya.

referee		1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8.
captain		All right!  Uesugi finish him off!

umpire		Strike!
Ishigaki	Good Uesugi!  Nice pitching.
Kuroki		You got your rhythm back.
Kazuya		Yeah.

Between rounds in Tatsuya's match..

Harada		Don't swing so wildly.
Harada		Don't try too hard.  Just take it easy.
 Your opponent's a veteran.
Tatsuya		I'm going to win..
Harada		Huh?
Tatsuya		I have to win this match..

Kazuya		We're going to win this game.

referee		Strike!  Batter out!

Tatsuya was lying down after his match.

Harada		That was too bad.

Meisei won the game 4-2.

referee		Strike!  Batter out!  Game over!

After the game Kazuya looked for Minami.

Yuko		Minami went back to the school.
Kazuya		What?
Yuko		She said that she was going to see Tatsuya's match.

Minami saw Harada.

Harada		Hi!
Harada		The match is over.  Uesugi went home.
Minami		And..?
Harada		It was a close match, but..
Minami		Is that so..
Harada		See you..

At home, everyone was celebrating.

master		Great!  Great!  I'll treat to celebrate Kazuya's first win.
mother		Wow!
master		Minami, call the sushi store.
Minami		Ok.
master		Order 5 specials!
Minami		Don't you mean 6?
master		Huh?  1, 2, 3, 4, 5.
Minami		6.

Minami went up to Tatsuya's room.

Minami		Tacchan..  I'm coming in.
Minami		Why do you have all of the windows closed?
Minami		It's so stuffy in here.
Minami		The sushi will arrive soon, so come downstairs.
Minami		My father's treating.
Minami		Hurry up and wake up.
Tatsuya		Aren't you going to ask about the match?
Minami		That was too bad.
Minami		Harada-kun told me.
Minami		You did your best.
Tatsuya		I lost!
Minami		That's all right.  You were able to fight in the match.
Tatsuya		But you told me to win..
Minami		I'm sorry.
Tatsuya		Stupid!  Why do you have to apologize!
Minami		Then what should I do?
Tatsuya		Maybe..
Tatsuya		At a time like this, a kind girl would..
Tatsuya		Probably just give a kiss gently without saying anything.

Minami closed her eyes, leaned toward Tatsuya, and kissed him.

Minami		Hurry up and come down.

It was now July.
The Meisei baseball team kept winning.

umpire		Ball!
umpire		Strike!  Batter out!

Tatsuya and Kazuya were talking in their room at night.

Tatsuya		Kazuya.
Kazuya		Huh?
Tatsuya		I'll turn off the light.
Kazuya		Ok.
Tatsuya		You finally made it to the semi-finals.
Kazuya		Yeah.
Tatsuya		Kazuya..
Kazuya		Huh?
Tatsuya		You were saying some weird things before the
 playoffs began.
Kazuya		What?
Tatsuya		At the river bed..
Kazuya		Oh, that..
Kazuya		You were worrying about it for me..
Tatsuya		Well, just a little..
Kazuya		Don't worry about it.
 Now it's just Koushien at full speed.
Tatsuya		Is that so..
Tatsuya		Who is tomorrow's opponent?
Kazuya		Saijou.
Tatsuya		Are they good?
Kazuya		They have Terashima, the superstar pitcher who had won
 every game with a shutout so far.
Tatsuya		A superstar..
Kazuya		Yeah, a superstar..
Tatsuya		Stopping the superstar.  You better do it.
Kazuya		Ok.

The game between Meisei and Saijou was being held.

announcer	The game between Meisei and Saijou in the semi-finals of
 the regional tournament had become a great pitching duel.
 The freshman Uesugi of Meisei is holding Saijou to just
 one hit.  On the other hand, Terashima, who has pitched
 shutouts in all of the games so far, has a perfect game
 up to the fifth inning.
umpire		Strike!
umpire		Strike!  Batter out!
Yuko		No wonder he has so many pro scouts after him.
Yuko		It won't be easy for our lineup to get a run off of

umpire		Strike!
Harada		That superstar Terashima is really looking good.
Tatsuya		Yeah..
Tatsuya		Because Kazuya is his opponent..
umpire		Strike!

Kuroki		Terashima's ball is getting faster.
Kazuya		Yeah..

umpire		Strike!  Batter out!
umpire		Play ball!
umpire		Strike!
umpire		Strike!

umpire		Strike!  Batter out!
Harada		Your brother's ball is getting faster too.
Tatsuya		Yeah, because the superstar is his opponent.
umpire		Strike!
Harada		After coming this far, I think the superstar is the one
 that is starting to worry.
umpire		Strike!
Harada		Usually they would have 2 or 3 runs by now.
Tatsuya		Is that so..

umpire		Safe!
announcer	Next batter is the pitcher Terashima.

Terashima bunted.

Koutarou	Second!
umpire		Out!

Yuko		A sacrifice bunt..
Harada		He wants a run no matter what..

coach		Two outs, two outs!

Terashima stole second.

umpire		Safe.
Harada		He's really going for it..

Terashima started running again.
The next batter hit a fly ball to right that fell between the fielders.
Terashima rounded third.  The outfielder threw the ball home.  Koutarou
caught the ball and tagged Terashima.

umpire		Safe.

Harada		That's a run because of his determination..

Yuko		This one run is very big..

umpire		Strike.  Batter out.

Tatsuya		Kazuya..  If you can't defeat this superstar, there won't
 be a Koushien for you and Minami..
girl		I like the pitcher..
Tatsuya		You better not lose..
Tatsuya		If you lose after coming this far..  I'll..

Harada		Your bother did well..
Tatsuya		What?
Tatsuya		It's not over yet..
Harada		But the way it's going now..

Yuko		There should be a lot of pressure on Terashima.
Minami		Huh!
Yuko		For trying not to give up a walk or a hit by pitch.
Yuko		This inning, he'll definitely try for a perfect game.

Saijou cheer	Perfect, perfect!
Saijou cheer	Two more, just two more.

Kuroki		Now is our chance.
coach		Huh?

announcer	Pinch hitting for left fielder Maruyama, Mihara.
Tatsuya		Huh?

coach		I'm betting on you Mihara!
Kuroki		To get the perfect game, they can't make an error.
 There's no other way to put more pressure on this Saijou
 team who is used to winning.
coach		Mihara, go after the first pitch.  He'll try to get a
 strike.  Just hit a ground ball.  Something will happen.

Mihara hit a high fly ball.

coach		Stupid!
coach		Drop it!  Drop it!
master		Drop it!  Drop it!

The Saijou left fielder backed up against the fence.
He jumped up, but the ball went into the stands.

Tatsuya		We did it.
Harada		The perfect game is gone..
Tatsuya		We did it!

umpire		Ball four!

Kuroki		We have to do it now.  Don't let him recover.
coach		Sakaki, just get on base.  Uesugi's next.

Sakaki hit a ground ball to third.

umpire		Safe.
announcer	Next batter is the pitcher Uesugi.
Minami		Kacchan.

Kazuya hit the ball into left to drive in the winning run.

That night there was a party in Minamikaze.

people		Cheers!
person A	Kacchan!  The championship is next!  Do your best!
person B	We'll go cheer with a busload of people.
Minami		Kacchan.
Kazuya		Huh?
Minami		Where's Tacchan?
Kazuya		A while ago, he said that he was going to take a bath.
Minami		Is that so..
Kazuya		Minami..
Minami		What?
Kazuya		Can with me..
Minami		Huh?

Kazuya and Minami went to the study room.

Minami		What is it Kacchan?
Kazuya		Um..  Tomorrow is the championship.
Minami		Yeah, and if we win..
Kazuya		Koushien..
Minami		I'll cheer for you.
Kazuya		I'll take you to the Koushien.  Do you remember that I
 promised you when we were little?
Minami		I remember.
Kazuya		I think that I played baseball because I wanted to
 make that promise come true..
Kazuya		So you were always with me.
Minami		Kacchan..
Kazuya		But if we can go to Koushien.
Kazuya		If I make your promise come true..
 I feel like you will be going far away from me..
Minami		Kacchan..  Why..
Kazuya		I can't say it well..  But I want you to always stay by me.
Minami		I'm always here.  What happened.
Minami		Kacchan..
Kazuya		Before the tournament began, I had a talk with Tatsuya
 about you.
Minami		What kind of talk?
Kazuya		That the one you really like is Tatsuya.
Kazuya		I can feel it..
Kazuya		Tatsuya really likes you, and he really wanted to
 play baseball..
Kazuya		But he was thinking about you and me..
Minami		Stupid!
Kazuya		Huh?
Minami		Why do you have to think about such things.
Minami		I like both you and Tacchan.  We were always together
 ever since we were little.  We can always be together
 from now on.  What's wrong with that.
Kazuya		Always..
Minami		Yeah.  Always, always, always!
Kazuya		Yeah..
Kazuya		I must have been a little excited before the championship game.
Kazuya		It's just Koushien for now.
Kazuya		Minami..
Kazuya		Can I kiss you..
Minami		Huh?
Kazuya		Minami..
Kazuya		I love you..

Kazuya kissed Minami on the forehead.

Kazuya		Tomorrow, for sure..
Kazuya		I'll win.

Then Kazuya left.  Tatsuya was outside of the study room listening.

It was the morning of the championship game.

Tatsuya		Hey Kazuya hurry up.  Minami already left.
mother		Kacchan, do your best!
Tatsuya		We'll all go over to the stadium later.
Kazuya		Ok..
mother		Good luck.
Kazuya		I'm going.
Tatsuya		Kazuya.
Kazuya		What?
Tatsuya		You better win.
Kazuya		I know.

mother		We have to finish making our lunch.
father		Ok.
Tatsuya		I have to get ready to.
mother		Oh no!
mother		Tatsuya, go after Kazuya and give this to him.
Tatsuya		Huh?
mother		It's a good luck charm.
Tatsuya		This thing isn't good for anything.
Tatsuya		I can give it to him at the stadium.
mother		No.  It'll be too late then.  Hurry up.
mother		Hurry!
Tatsuya		Ok.

Tatsuya		What the..
Tatsuya		I'll do it..
mother		Tatsuya, please run!
Tatsuya		Ok.

Tatsuya went all the way to the stadium, but didn't run into Kazuya.

The championship game was about to begin.

announcer	Number 8, right fielder Shirakawa.
 Number 9, shortstop Miura.
 For the home team Meisei, number 1, center fielder
 Fujimoto.  Number 2, right fielder Sakaki.
announcer	Number 3, first baseman Katagiri.
 Number 4, pitcher Kuroki.
announcer	Number 5, catcher Matsudaira.
 Number 6, shorstop Ohgawara.
 Number 7, third baseman Ishigaki.
 Number 8, left fielder Maruyama.
 Number 9, second baseman Mihara.
umpire		Play ball!

Kuroki was pitching for Meisei.

umpire		Strike!

Yuko and Minami were talking about something.  Minami ran up to the stands.

father		Hi, Minami.
Minami		Where's Tacchan?
father		It doesn't seem like he's here yet.
 He was supposed to be with Kazuya.
mother		Instead of that, why isn't Kazuya pitching?

coach		Isn't Uesugi here yet?

Minami was still searching for Tatsuya and Kazuya.  Minami ran into Harada.

Minami		Oh.
Minami		Harada-kun.
Harada		Something wrong?
Minami		Neither Kacchan nor Tacchan is here yet.
Harada		What?  Tatsuya isn't..?
Harada		I'll go take a look around.
Minami		Thanks..

Harada was walking around looking for Tatsuya and Kazuya.
Harada saw the baseball game on the TV in a store window.

TV announcer	With two outs in the top of the 4th inning, Sumi Tech
 has a great chance with runners on 2nd and 3rd.
 The batter is the number 4 batter Nitta.
 The count is 2 and 1.  Nitta hits the fourth pitch.
 The right and center fielders go after the ball.
 The ball lands between them and two runners score to
 give Sumi Tech the lead!

Harada walked by the scene of an accident.

person A	He was run over when he tried to save a little boy.
person B	He's just a high school kid.
person C	I hope he can recover.

Kuroki		No news on Uesugi yet?
Koutarou	Not yet.
Kuroki		Well all we can do is to do our best until Uesugi comes.
 I'm counting on you.
Koutarou	Yeah!

announcer	Mr Uesugi, there is a phone call for you.

Minami		Kacchan, what happened..
Minami		What..  happened..
Minami		Kacchan..  Tacchan..

Kazuya's father and mother were sitting on a chair in the hospital.
Kazuya was lying on a table.

coach		The wind's starting to pick up.

Tatsuya arrived at the baseball stadium wearing Kazuya's uniform.
The score was 3-3, but Sumi Tech had the based loaded.

Kuroki		Bases loaded.  Shit..
Koutarou	Just try your best until Uesugi comes.

Yuko		Kazuya-kun!
coach		Huh?
coach		Uesugi, you..
coach		What happened..?
coach		Can you go out right away?
coach		All right!
coach		Hey!  Changing the pitcher!
Yamada		Ok.

Koutarou	Kazuya!
Minami		Kacchan!

announcer	Meisei will make a player change.  The pitcher Kuroki
 will move to third.  The third basemen Ishigaki will
 move to second.  In place of second baseman Mihara,
 Uesugi will come in and pitch.
 Number 4, third baseman Kuroki.
 Number 7, second basemen Ishigaki.
 Number 9, pitcher Uesugi.

Kuroki		Ok.  The game starts now.  Let's go!
everyone	Let's go!

Minami sat with Harada in the stands.

Minami		What happened?
Minami		Where's Tacchan?
Harada		Just watch the game for now..

Tatsuya started throwing his warmup pitches.  But he threw wildly
into the dirt.

Koutarou	Last one!

After Tatsuya finished his warmup pitches, Koutarou went over to
the bench.

coach		What's wrong Matsudaira?
Koutarou	That's.. not Kazuya.
coach		What?
Yuko		What do you mean?
Koutarou	That's not Kazuya's ball.
coach		What?
coach		What are you saying at a time like this.
 Hurry up and get back into the game!
Koutarou	But..
coach		Just get back there!
Koutarou	Ok.

umpire		Play ball!
umpire		Ball!
umpire		Ball two!

Yuko was running around the stands looking for Minami.
Harada talked to Yuko alone.

Yuko		Asakura-san.
Minami		Yes.
Harada		Sensei, just a moment.
Yuko		Huh?

umpire		Ball four!

Tatsuya walked in one runner.

Kuroki		What happened Uesugi?  Are you ok?
 We're counting on you!
Kuroki		Koutarou!  Let's do it!
Koutarou	Ok.

Harada told Yuko about Kazuya.  Yuko was shocked.

Yuko		It can't be!?
Yuko		Did you tell Asakura-san?

coach		Ok!  Ok!

Since Tatsuya took off his hat, Minami noticed that it was not Kazuya.

Minami		Tacchan!
Harada		Just sit down..
Minami		Where's Kacchan?  What happened?  What's going on?  Tell me!

coach		Uesugi, you don't seem well.  Are you all right?
Kuroki		I don't know what happened, but this is the championship
 game.  Please do your best.
Ishigaki	Uesugi, your next.
announcer	Number 9, pitcher Uesugi.

Minami		Tacchan, why..

Ishigaki	There's something different about him.
Maruyama	It's Uesugi isn't it.
Ishigaki	Kuroki-san what do you think?
coach		What are you guys talking about.
Koutarou	That's not Kazuya!
Koutarou	That's..  that's..
Yuko		Matsudaira-kun.
everyone	Sensei!
Yuko		Kazuya is..
Yuko		Uesugi Kazuya is..
Koutarou	Kazuya!
Kuroki		Uesugi..
coach		I can't believe it..
Ohkawara	Then that is..

Tatsuya got hit in the head with the ball.

Minami		Tacchan..
coach		Then this game is..
coach		It's a forfeited game..
Minami		Even if we win this game..
Minami		I can't go..  I can't go to Koushien with Kacchan.

Tatsuya ran on the first pitch and stole second.

umpire		Safe!

Yuko		Everyone, we have to continue the game!
Yuko		In the field, Kazuya hasn't given up yet.
 He's still going for it!
Kuroki		Ok!
Kuroki		Fujimoto!  Drive in Uesugi no matter what!
Fujimoto	All right!
Kuroki		Coach!  It doesn't matter about Koushien!
Kuroki		This game.
Kuroki		For our ace!  We have to win!
Katagiri	Captain!  I'm with you!
player A	Me too!
player B	Me too!
player C	Me too!
player D	Me too!
player E	Let's go!
player F	Me too!
players		Yeah!

Fujimoto hit a single to center and Tatsuya scored from second.

umpire		Safe!
players		Yeah!  We tied it!

Harada		Everyone is psyched up..

players		Sakaki, keep it up.
Sakaki		Ok!

Sakaki hit a double to drive in Fujimoto.  But Sakaki was out trying
to take third.  Meisei took the lead 2-1.

Ohkawara	What's he doing, that stupid!
Ishigaki	He forgot that he has short legs.
together	Ha ha..
Ohkawara	We've taken the lead.  Let's hold it.
Ishigaki	We're counting on you.

Koutarou	Kazuya..
Koutarou	Let's go.

Minami		The one that's there..
Minami		That's our ace, isn't it.
Harada		That's it..

umpire		Hit by pitch!

Koutarou	Just give it all you've got!

umpire		Ball.
umpire		Ball.
umpire		Ball four.

The next batter bunted, and Koutarou threw the ball to first.

umpire		Out!

Koutarou	One out.

The next batter hit a ground ball to second.  The second basemen
threw the ball to Koutarou, and Koutarou tagged the runner out.

umpire		Out!

Meisei cheer	One more!  Just one more!
announcer	Number 4 batter, Nitta!
Sumi cheer	Hit it, hit it Nitta!
Meisei cheer	Just one more, just one more.

Minami		You have to do it Tacchan.  You relieved Kacchan.

umpire		Ball!

Nitta hit a foul ball.

umpire		Ball!
umpire		Ball!

Tatsuya pulled something out of his pocket and looked at it.

umpire		Strike!

Meisei cheer	One more pitch!  One more pitch!

Tatsuya put his hand in his pocket.  Then he pulled out the lucky charm.

Tatsuya		Kazuya!

girl voice	Minami likes the pitcher!
boy voice	Then I'm the pitcher!
boy voice	No fair, I'm the pitcher!
girl voice	Then take turns!
boy voice	Ok, jan-ken.

Tatsuya threw the pitch and Nitta hit a line drive.  But Kuroki jumped
up and made a great play.

umpire		Out!

Minami		..chan.
Harada		Shoot..  This is too sad..


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