Touch TV episode 1

Episode title
Darega nanto iouto oretachi futago desu!
[No matter what anyone says, we are twins!]
  • Summary by Hitoshi Doi, 1990.07.03
While his brother Tatsuya was sleeping, Kazuya was doing his daily jogging in the park. Minami got up early to clean up her father's store, Minamikaze. When Kazuya came jogging home, he met Minami just finishing up the cleaning outside of the store. Kazuya gave Minami an apple that he had received from the man at the grocery store. Kazuya was everyone's hope for bringing their high school team to the Koushien baseball tournament. He had also promised Minami that he would take her to the Koushien.

Minami and Kazuya go to school early because Kazuya had morning baseball practice. Before she left, Minami got Tatsuya's books ready for him, as he was still sleeping. During practice, a lot of girls were cheering for Kazuya as he was practicing his pitching. After practice, there was a crowd of girls around Kazuya, walking with him to the school building.

Just before it was time for classes to begin, Tatsuya came running into the school building. He met Kazuya and Minami at the shoe boxes. When Kazuya opened his shoe box, a lot of love letters fell out. Tatsuya offered to help, and he snuck one of them inside his shirt as he picked up the letters for Kazuya. When Tatsuya opened his shoe box, to his surprise, he found one letter. But instead of a love letter, it was a letter of challenge.

During class, Tatsuya opened the love letter that he stole from Kazuya. It was from a girl called Takizawa Yoko, and it asked Kazuya to meet her after school. Tatsuya decided that he will pretend to be his brother and meet Yoko. Tatsuya combed his hair and checked himself in the mirror before going to see Yoko. While Tatsuya and Yoko were talking on a bench, Minami came by and yelled, "Tacchan!" Then she pulled Tatsuya away. Minami angrily said that Tatsuya is Tatsuya and Kazuya is Kazuya, and messed up Tatsuya's hair back to normal.

At home that night, Tatsuya was watching TV by himself. Then his father yelled at him, saying that Kazuya and Minami were studying.

The Uesugi and Asakura families were next door neighbors. Tatsuya, Kazuya, and Minami were all born the same year, and they always played together as kids. But, they played too much in the house and destroyed everything. So, the parents got together and built a little house in the yard for them to play in. As they grew older, this play room turned into a study room.

The next day, when Tatsuya ran to school, he saw Kazuya surrounded by a lot of girls, like he usually is. Tatsuya was greeted by his classmates Sakata and Hosokawa, who were carrying a dirty magazine. On his way to class, Tatsuya met Yasuko, who gave him a cute cushion to give to Kazuya. Tatsuya threw the cushion back at Yasuko, saying that she should give it to Kazuya in person. Tatsuya also told Yasuko to give up on Kazuya because he already has Minami.

Later, when Tatsuya was looking at the dirty magazine on the roof of the school building, Minami came and yelled at him. She asked why Tatsuya told Yasuko that Minami and Kazuya were already supposed to marry each other. Then Tatsuya said that it's what both of the parents want anyways. But Minami said that marriage is still so far off in the future, and that she might even marry someone like Tatsuya.

After school, Tatsuya was walking around the baseball field when a ball that someone hit came over the fence and rolled to a stop by his feet. Kazuya yelled for his brother to throw the ball to him. Tatsuya picked up the ball and started his windup. Just as he stepped to throw, his back gave out on him and Tatsuya fell in pain, as the ball rolled to Kazuya. Kazuya told Tatsuya that it is a lack of exercise and that he should join some sports team in high school. Then Kazuya showed off his arm to Tatsuya by throwing a strike from the outfield to home plate.

That night Tatsuya was reading some comics and laughing out loud in the study room. Kazuya and Minami were doing their homework there also. Since Tatsuya was disturbing them, he left. When he went inside his house, he overheard his parents and Minami's parents talking while looking through a wedding fashion magazine. They were saying how nice a pair Minami and Kazuya will make. Back in his own room, Tatsuya was remembering what Minami said to him earlier about she marrying someone like him.

On Sunday morning, Kazuya went to school for baseball practice. Minami ran happily home with a new bathing suit. She went into the study room, closed all of the curtains, and started to undress so that she can try on the new bathing suit. Tatsuya was sleeping in the study room under a desk, and woke up to see Minami undressing. Just as Minami was starting to take off her bra, Tatsuya pretended to cough. Minami quickly covered herself and yelled at Tatsuya for sleeping in such a stupid place.

Then Minami said, "You were looking!"
Tatsuya answered, "You're the one who started undressing."
Minami said, "You pervert!"
Tatsuya said, "Stupid. If I was really a pervert, I would have kept quiet and watched till the end."
Then Tatsuya left the room.

After a couple minutes, when Tatsuya was waiting outside, Minami opened the window and asked him if he wanted to go to the pool with her.


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