Touch TV episode 4

Episode title
Mitaka? Minaika? Minami no nikki
  • Summary by Hitoshi Doi, 1990.11.20
During class the teacher was asking for nominations for members of the class relay team. Minami called out Tatsuya's name. The teacher then asked once more. Minami insisted on Tatsuya. When the teacher said that he wanted to win, Minami told everyone that Tatsuya used to be faster than Kazuya up until second grade. But the teacher still wanted someone else. Minami yelled out Tatsuya's name again. Finally the teacher agreed. Tatsuya was sleeping with his head on his desk during this.

During gym class a couple of Tatsuya's friends were joking that maybe Minami likes Tatsuya because she was really stubborn about having Tatsuya on the relay team. Tatsuya was staring at Minami from the soccer field while the boys were playing soccer and the girls were playing softball.

Kaori was standing just outside of the field and was watching baseball practice. Kazuya was taking batting practice. One of the balls that he hits heads directly at Kaori. Just before the ball hits her, Tatsuya sticks his hand out and blocks the ball. Then Tatsuya yells at his brother for not hitting the ball straight. When Tatsuya asks Kaori if she is ok, she says that she doesn't mind if she gets hit by Kazuya's ball. Then a ball hit by Koutarou hits Tatsuya.

The class relay team had practice after school. Although Minami told Tatsuya to come, Tatsuya didn't and just went home. The other members started to worry about Tatsuya's selection as one of the relay team members.

That night, Tatsuya was sleeping in the study room. When Minami and Kazuya came in, he wakes up, but pretends to be asleep. While Minami and Kazuya were studying, Minami pulls out two tickets to a concert and asks Kazuya if he can go. Kazuya says yes, but he is worried that Tatsuya will get mad. Minami says that it's a classical concert and Tatsuya wouldn't want to go anyways. After Minami and Kazuya finish their homework, they leave Tatsuya and go back home.

Then Tatsuya gets up, saying that it's hard to to find a good time to wake up when you're pretending to be asleep. As he was going to leave, he sees Minami's diary on her desk. Tatsuya ponders if she should open it and read it. Tatsuya sits down on the floor and stares at the cover of Minami's diary. When Minami comes running in, she sees Tatsuya sitting in front of her diary. She immediately dives to get it and accuses Tatsuya of reading her diary. Tatsuya says that he only looked at the cover, and leaves.

The next day at school, Minami was cold to Tatsuya and didn't answer him when he said, "good morning." During class, when Tatsuya asked Minami for some lead for his mechanical pencil, she didn't say anything to him. At lunch Minami cam up to Tatsuya and asked him to go to the school's roof with her.

Tatsuya asks, "What?"
Minami replies without looking at Tatsuya, "That's my true feelings."
"What?" Tatsuya replies, as he had no idea what Minami was talking about.
Minami, still looking over the fence, says, "What I wrote in my diary."
"Huh? What?"
"I've always liked you," Minami says, "Tacchan."
Tatsuya was surprised and drops the lunch box that he was holding. "What, what are you talking about?" Tatsuya was confused.
Then Minami turns around and says, "Ok! You didn't read it!"

Minami felt relieved and goes to each her own lunch. Tatsuya asks what this was all about and Minami sticks out her tongue and says, "I only wrote bad things about you!" Then she leaves Tatsuya alone with his lunch spilt all over the floor.


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