Touch TV episode 18

Episode title
Tatsuya no kimochiha chotto fukuzatsudesu!
[Tatsuya's fellings are a little complicated!]
  • Summary by Hitoshi Doi, 1992.03.28
Tatsuya was jogging early in the morning. He was remembering what had happened the previous night when Minami kissed him. "Why did Minami.. To me.." Tatsuya was thinking as he returned home. Then he saw Minami come out on the balcony and wake up Punch, her dog.

When Tatsuya showed up at the kitchen table for breakfast, Kazuya was surprised and asked if something had happened. Then their mother was very shocked that she almost dropped her cooking when she saw Tatsuya. She said that she will also cook for Tatsuya, but Tatsuya said that he didn't want to eat any breakfast. Then Tatsuya read the newspaper and found out that Meisei had defeated Seika High School 6-1. Tatsuya was surprised that Kazuya didn't have a shutout.

Tatsuya walked to school with Kazuya and Minami. Kazuya and Minami were talking about the opponents that they would have to face on their way to the Koushien. If they kept winning, they would have to face Saijou High School, which had a famous pitcher Terashima, in the semi-finals. But Kazuya wasn't looking that far ahead, as they had just won their first round game. Minami told Kazuya to have more confidence.

Everyone congratulated Kazuya when they arrived at school. Then Harada came up to Tatsuya. Harada asked Tatsuya if he had been comforted by Minami. Then Tatsuya slugged Harada in the stomach. Harada said that Tatsuya should have used that punch in the match yesterday, and fell down.

During the day, Tatsuya was wondering by himself. At lunch, Tatsuya went up to the roof of the school and stared at the sky. Harada came up to him and asked if Tatsuya was worried about something. Tatsuya replied, "I'm not worried about anything. I was just looking at the sky."

"Is that so.. I can't believe that the sky is such that it would make you forget to eat your lunch." Then Tatsuya, who was still holding his lunch box unopened, said that he would give his lunch to Harada. He said that he wasn't feeling hungry. Tatsuya also said that the lunch probably didn't have anything good in it. But when Harada opened it, they saw that it had two fried shrimps in it. Harada quickly ate them.

During gym class Tatsuya was still wondering by himself. He was looking at Minami who was playing volleyball. Kazuya came up to Tatsuya and said that Minami looked very happy. He wondered if something good happened. Tatsuya quickly said that it was because Kazuya won the baseball game.

Then the soccer game that they were playing in moved in their direction. Kazuya got a pass from Koutarou and told Tatsuya to get ready. But Tatsuya was still thinking by himself. Tatsuya was thinking about what Kazuya had said several days ago. "Just now.. in the study room.. I hugged Minami.. do you want to hear what happened after that? I held her.. and we kissed.. then.." [episode 16]

Then Kazuya kicked the ball towards Tatsuya. The ball hit Tatsuya's head and went into the goal. Tatsuya fell down, but everyone else congratulated him on the goal that he had just scored. Minami also yelled for Tatsuya.

During boxing practice, Tatsuya was thinking about what had happened the previous night. Then while he was punching the sand bag by himself, Tatsuya fainted.

Harada went to Minami who was with the baseball team. He told her that he had just carried Tatsuya to the nurse's office. Then Minami hurried to the nurse's office. When Minami arrived, she saw Tatsuya sitting down and eating a bowl of ramen. The nurse said that since Tatsuya had not eaten anything all day, he just ran out of energy. When the nurse left the room for a while, Minami asked Tatsuya, "Is there something wrong with your stomach?" Tatsuya said that there wasn't, and Minami said, "You're trying to lose weight!" Tatsuya replied that he wasn't. "Then why didn't you eat anything today?"

Tatsuya finished his ramen and said, "Don't fool me. Were you able to eat normally? How can you act like nothing happened!" Tatsuya looked out the window, "Was it just something that doesn't matter to you? Why did you kiss me?"

"Because it was you, Tacchan." Minami continued, "It was Minami's.. first kiss! You should be grateful!" Tatsuya didn't understand. "Because it was Tacchan.. I could eat my food. Because it was Tacchan.. I can be myself today!"

Then the nurse came back, so Minami and Tatsuya left the office. They went to see the baseball team's practice. When Tatsuya started to ask Minami about Kazuya, Minami said that cheering for Kazuya to go to the Koushien Tournament was the only thing that she was thinking about.

Then Tatsuya returned to the boxing training gym. Harada was waiting for him with an anpan, because he had eaten Tatsuya's lunch.


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