Touch TV episode 19

Episode title
Wasuretai wasurenai!? Futarino daijina omoide
[Want to forget, can't forget!? The precious memory between the two]
  • Summary by Hitoshi Doi, 1992.03.28
In the second round game of the preliminary tournament, Meisei pounded the opposing pitcher and won 10-0 by the slaughter rule in the 7th inning. When Tatsuya arrived at the stadium, while he was walking Punch, the game had already ended.

In the locker room after the game, Kazuya told Koutarou that he was swinging too wildly, after hitting a homerun in his first at bat. Koutarou smiled and said that since they were winning by so much, he just wanted to hit another homerun. Then Kazuya said that he will destroy his form by doing that.

When Tatsuya returned to Minamikaze, Minami's father asked about the outcome of the game. Tatsuya said that he didn't go. Then Minami's father said that he should support his brother. Tatsuya replied that since Kazuya was trying very hard, he didn't have to do anything extra to support him.

Then while Tatsuya was drinking coffee, Minami's father told him a story of his wife. He had a rival that was like Kazuya, good at everything. He was just the opposite. But his wife had chosen him because of that fact. Minami's father said that some women like that part of a man and want to take care of them like a mother. Then he said that recently Minami started to look a lot like his wife. He wondered if Minami also inherited that part of his wife that made her like non-perfect guys. Tatsuya was just quietly drinking his coffee.

That night Kazuya went to sleep at 9:30 PM. When Tatsuya said that it was so early, their parents said that a good boy goes to sleep early and rises early. When Tatsuya went to bed, he covered Kazuya, who had kicked off his blanket.

The next morning Kazuya woke up at 5:00 AM. Kazuya covered Tatsuya, who had kicked off his blanket, and went to school to train.

That day at school, Tatsuya saw the futon store making a delivery. He wondered why they needed futons in school, especially during summer vacation. Harada came up and said that the school was supporting the baseball team by letting them stay at school so they can practice better. He added that everyone was cheering for and counting on Kazuya. Tatsuya said that Kazuya will not disappoint them. Then Harada wondered, "When a boy grants a girl her wish.. What will a girl do.." Then they went to the boxing gym for the last practice before summer vacation.

Kazuya threw 50 pitches in his practice.

Tatsuya was hitting the sand bag by himself and wondering about Minami.

Kazuya and Minami went to see Saijou High School's game. Saijou's ace Terashima pitched a shutout and Saijou looked very strong. Minami asked Kazuya if he felt that they could beat them. Kazuya said that instead of worrying about the semi-final game, he was worried about the third round game. When Terashima was getting interviewed, he spotted Kazuya in the stands and threw the game ball to him. Terashima said, "Uesugi, I'm waiting for you."

That night Minami came back home from the school to do some laundry. Tatsuya was in the study room reading some manga. Since it was past nine and it was very dark, Tatsuya walked Minami back to school. While they were walking, Minami said that she can count on Tatsuya protecting her when something happened because he was on the boxing team. Then Tatsuya said that he would run away if it got dangerous. After Minami said that it was a lie, Tatsuya stopped and said, "Forget it! About what happened the other day.."

"The other day?" Minami didn't know what Tatsuya was talking about.

"I'll forget about it too!" Tatsuya said, but Minami still didn't know what Tatsuya was talking about. "Things like that are.. It's like.. It should be more emotional like a drama and.. It's something that is important forever.."

"Are you talking about the kiss?" Minami finally understood. "You want to forget about it? It's not going to be something important that you will remember forever?"

"I'm saying that it will be better for you that way.. You know.."

"You don't have to walk me any further. Thank you. I understand why you say that.. But I won't forget.. Ever." Minami said, and Tatsuya was surprised. Minami added, "It is my.. My first kiss." Then Minami said, "Good night.. Kind brother.." and left.

Koutarou was just around the corner holding some cans of juice, and overheard this conversation. When Koutarou returned to the school, Kazuya was swinging the bat outside. Koutarou gave one can to Kazuya and said, "Don't try too hard. There's always next year." When Kazuya said that he will just do as much as possible, Koutarou asked, "For Minami?" Kazuya answered that it was for himself.

Minami's father left Tatsuya in charge of the store, and went to see the third round game. Just as he got to the stadium, it started to rain. But it wasn't enough to cancel the game.

Tatsuya was in the store by himself. Then Harada came in, saying that he needed a place to get out of the rain. When Tatsuya asked him about the schedule for the boxing team's practice during the summer vacation, Harada said that there wasn't going to be any because everyone was so crazy about the baseball team.

In the bottom of the eight inning, the score was tied 1-1. It was still raining and the ground condition was getting worse. With two outs, Kazuya used his speed to get an infield single. Then Kuroki hit a double to move Kazuya to third base. The opposing team intentionally walked Katagiri, and Koutarou went up to bat with the bases loaded. Koutarou said that it was a great time for him to hit a grand slam. Koutarou then swung at a pitch over his head. The next pitch was in the dirt, but Koutarou swung at it causing the opposing catcher to mishandle the ball. Then Kazuya took off from third base. The opposing catcher got the ball and threw it to the pitcher who was covering home, but Kazuya slid in under the tag to put Meisei ahead 2-1.

Kazuya held the opponent scoreless in the top of the ninth, and Meisei moved one step closer to the Koushien.


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