Aozora Shoujotai episode 1

Sononaha 801 TTS
[The Name is 801 TTS]
Aozora Shoujotai Fox-1 CD-1 track 3
The 801 TTS was the first all female acrobatic squadron in the world. But actually...

Isurugi Takuya went to Kengamine [high ranking guy] as this was his first day in the 801 TTS (tactical training squadron) as a service technician. Kengamine asked if Takuya knew what kind of place the 801 TTS was, but Takuya didn't. Kengamine said that Isurugi would find out soon enough. When Takuya went to the 801 building, he knew right away what kind of place it was, as the building was a very old, worn down building.

As Takuya was looking at the old building, he met Saginomiya Sakura, one of the 801 TTS members. Sakura took Takuya inside to Konishi, who was the commander of the 801 TTS. Konishi was working out with barbells. Takuya asked Konishi about the 801 TTS, but Konishi said that he would answer the questions later. He was going to go show Takuya the airplanes.

Konishi showed Takuya the Kawasaki T4 airplane, and Takuya said that it was very cool. When the plane landed, Konishi introduced the pilot, Haneda Miyuki, to Takuya. Takuya was shocked that the pilot was female.
Takuya said, "A female pilot! It can't be!"
Miyuki said, "What are you so surprised about? This is the 801, dummy! Are you a stupid guy who takes women lightly? Or are you just a stubborn monkey?"
Takuya said, "What!"
Miyuki said, "What! You're a failure too."
Takuya said, "What do you mean?"

Then Kengamine came and laughed. He asked Miyuki if she was going to punch the new service technician too. Kengamine said that the 801 would destroy itself soon and went off.

Miyuki asked Konishi if she could fly again, this time with Takuya. Konishi said that it was ok, and Miyuki told Takuya to change into flight clothes. Takuya was surprised when he found out that Miyuki was his superior officer.

Takuya was very happy to fly, and was amazed at the T4. While they were flying Miyuki apologized to Takuya. "I really wanted to be a F15 pilot. But everyone said that a girl couldn't fly a fighter. My previous captain made fun of me, so I hit him. That's why I was sent here."
Takuya asked, "What do you mean, you were sent here?"
Miyuki said, "You don't know anything do you? This is the practice squadron to make an all female blue impulse."
Takuya said, "Really!? That's so cool!"
Miyuki said, "It's just a decoration for the self defense force. They think it would be good PR to have this kind of thing. But it's just a farce."
Takuya said, "What are you saying! Then you can make the farce into reality. Let's make the all female squadron. You can just look back at the ones who ridicule us."
Miyuki said, "Isurugi-kun.."
Takuya said, "You like airplanes too, right? One who likes airplanes will be happy just to be near airplanes."

Konishi had been listening, and said that it was great. He told Takuya and Miyuki to not forget this passion. Then Miyuki said that she would do it.

Later Takuya was saying that everyone was nice. But he wondered why he had been sent to the 801, as he didn't think he had done anything wrong.

Meanwhile, Takuya's boxes had arrived, and Miyuki and Sakura carried it up to his room. Miyuki thought it was very heavy, and she saw that it had anime videos, LDs, posters, dolls, and plastic models. They found out that Takuya was an otaku.

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