Aozora Shoujotai episode 2

Cross Over Roll
Aozora Shoujotai Fox-1 CD-1 track 6
Mitaka Arisa got transferred to the 801 TTS. Kengamine looked at Arisa's papers and found out that she was half Japanese (her father was Japanese). He also found out that she got sent to the 801 because in her old group, Arisa got into a fight and almost killed somebody. Arisa said that there were stupid people who made a big deal out of the color of her skin and such.

Kengamine was actually happy to see Arisa, as he wanted her to cause trouble and make the 801 TTS get disbanded.

Sakura introduced the new pilot, Arisa, to the 801 members. Miyuki and Arisa immediately recognized each other. Arisa said, "Oh, it's the dreamy princess. You said that you were going to be a fighter pilot. What are you doing here?"
Miyuki got mad, but Takuya cut in, "You're very beautiful. Are you a foreigner?"
Arisa pounded Takuya, and said that she was Japanese. Then Arisa left to make up her room.

After Arisa left, Miyuki said that Arisa and her joined the self defense force at the same time. She said that Arisa had always been that violent.

Arisa was very disappointed that Miyuki was in the same squadron.

Later, Takuya went up to Arisa's room with her stuff. Takuya also apologized. Arisa said, "What are you apologizing for? You're the one who got hit. You're strange."
Then Arisa talked about Miyuki. "She's always dreaming and has glittering eyes. I get very mad when I see such a smile. You shouldn't hang around me either."
Takuya said, "No. You're really a nice person."
Arisa snapped back, "Don't be stupid. You don't know anything about me."
Takuya said, "But you like airplanes. You've continued being a pilot all this time. You must be a nice person who likes planes."
Arisa said, "You.. Stupid! If you're finished, get out of here. I'll hit you again!"
Then Takuya rushed out of the room.

Later Konishi and Arisa went out to fly. Miyuki said, "Show me how good you are, Mitaka."
Arisa said, "I'll show you that this isn't fun and games like you."

Miyuki said that Arisa couldn't be that good, but Takuya thought that Arisa might be very good. Then Arisa did a difficult technique called a cross over roll and she was actually better than Konishi.

Later after Arisa finished flying, she gave Takuya her helmet and asked him to polish it for her. Miyuki got upset and said that Takuya wasn't her personal serviceman.

Arisa said, "Oh.. maybe you like him."
Miyuki said, "Don't be stupid. You're the one who likes him. That's why you're asking him to do stuff for you."

Arisa and Miyuki were about to fight, so Takuya tried to break it up. But Arisa pounded him away.

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