Chacha (チャチャ) is a very cute, little magician girl who is still learning how to use magic from her teacher Seravi. She has blonde hair, and is always wearing a red riding hood.

Chacha goes to a magician's school, Urara Gakuen, and is in banana gumi (banana class). She still can't use magic very well, and messes up a lot. Chacha likes Riiya, although she treats him like her pet sometimes.

Chacha can ride her broom through the air, but she can only ride by herself. When someone rides with her (even if it is Riiya in his wolf form), she usually spins and wipes out.

When there is trouble, Chacha can transform into the Magical Princess Holy Up.
(This transformation does not exist in the manga.)

For this transformation, Chacha was given a pendant princess medallion, a ring, and a bracelet from Seravi. She needs two close friends to help her with the transformation. So Chacha uses the pendant, Riiya uses the bracelet, and Shiine uses the ring to trigger the transformation.

Chacha says, "Ai yo.." [Love..]
Riiya says, "Yuuki yo.." [Courage..]
Shiine says, "Kibou yo.." [Hope..]
Chacha says, "Ai to yuuki to kibou no na no motoni, Magical Princess Holy Up!"
[In the name of love, courage, and hope, Magical Princess Holy Up!]

The Princess has a magic bow and arrow that she shoots to defeat the bad guys. She says, "Beauty Serein Arrow.. Magical Shoot!" as she fires the arrow.

Later, Chacha goes on a quest to find the other magical items (weapons), because her arrow wasn't strong enough for the stronger bad guys.

The ability of the Magical Princess is not only to use the three items, but also to use the power of the people who trust her, such as Riiya, Shiine, Seravi, Dorothy, Yakko, Marin, and Orin. These people along with Chacha are called the 8 Paladins of love and courage.

Chacha's voice is done by Suzuki Masami (鈴木真仁).

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