Akazukin Chacha episode 1

Episode Title Osawagase mahou tsukai toujou
[a troublesome magician appears]
Air Date 1994.01.07
OP Kimi Iro Omoi (SMAP)
ED Egao ga Suki Dakara (Sawada Shoko)
Keywords spiders, mirror, bottle, dragon, ostrich, Princess Medallion
Voice Actors Chacha (Suzuki Masami)
Riiya (Katori Shingo)
Seravi (Senrui Tohru)
Elizabeth (Ohtsubo Junko)
Shiine (Hidaka Noriko)
Dorothy (Ohtsubo Junko)

  • Summary by Pascal Janin, 1994.10.13
  • Editing by Hitoshi Doi, 1994.10.17
In the meadow, Seravi and Elizabeth keep an eye on Chacha, a little blond girl with a red hood, who is having some magical training and tries, with little success, to turn the flying dandelion flowers into something real. Seravi sternly tells her that she must be better at magic in order to go to the School of Magic. So she tries her best, but her second attempt turns all the flowers into a rain of spiders instead of the clouds she wanted. Elizabeth points out though that kumo (spiders) and kumo (clouds) are the same word. Therefore Chacha's second try entitles her to go to school, no later than the next day. That makes Chacha very happy.

[title screen]

At a remote place, a strange evil lord, playing with Chinese style brass marbles in one hand, says to his servant Sorges that he wants to get rid of Seravi. So Sorges suggests to use Seravi's rival, Dorothy, against him.

At another castle, Dorothy, a tall, cute girl with long pink hair, sneezes because the other two are talking about her. [typical Japanese joke ^_^] While getting her pupil Shiine ready to go to the School of Magic, they hear the delivery man ringing at the entrance. Dorothy sends her own big stamp to sign for it, and the parcel she receives turns out to be a large mirror with a skull on top of it. Shiine wonders who sent this to her.

Then the mirror starts to speak. It tells Dorothy that she's the most beautiful magician around, but that the best magician is Seravi, not her. That makes her very angry, and even more when Seravi's image in the mirror starts teasing her. Then Dorothy's own image forms into the mirror, and hypnotizes the real Dorothy, making her VERY MAD at Seravi. Shiine realizes in fear that it's not like her to be that mad at somebody.

At Seravi's place, Seravi opens a magical box and gives the items inside, a pendant, a ring, and a bracelet, to Chacha before she leaves for school. The pendant is called the Princess Medallion and will give her a bow and an arrow when needed. These items will protect her against any danger at school. Chacha was supposed to give the ring and the bracelet to the two best friends she will make at school. For the last training of the day, Seravi asks Chacha to make a seed grow. Chacha does, but she does too well and a giant tree grows inside the house and through the roof.

Outside, a young boy, Riiya, is running at full speed toward Seravi's house, and seeing that Seravi is scolding his beloved Chacha, wants to punish him. So Riiya turns himself into a small white wolf, that Chacha immediately hugs. Riiya begs her to let him go and calls Seravi a crafty magician.. drawing Seravi's anger, who ties him at a high branch. Later, Chacha wants to set him free and throws all kind of scissors, knives, and axes at Riiya to try to cut the rope.

As Seravi realizes that his dear Elizabeth is missing, Dorothy appears out of nowhere with a wicked smile on her face, holding Elizabeth. Since Seravi greets her remarking aloud that her makeup becomes thicker and thicker these days, Dorothy now burns up with even more anger, and entraps Seravi into a small bottle.

Outside, Chacha spots Elizabeth flying on her broom, bringing Seravi still stuck in the bottle. So Chacha decides to go rescue her teacher Seravi, and Riiya says that he will go with her.

[CM break]

Back at her castle, Dorothy laughs at Seravi, now a prisoner in her bottle. She then sees in her crystal ball Chacha and Riiya flying at full speed on Chacha's broom.

Chacha doesn't remember how to stop that her broom, so she and Riiya crash into the castle wall. Seravi tries to communicate with them using telepathy, but soon Dorothy asks Shiine to shake the bottle to make him stop. Then Dorothy's big face appears before Chacha's and Riiya's eyes, and she bets them that they won't be able to get any farther. But soon Riiya uses his super strength to open the door, and they go in.

Shiine, seeing Chacha's cute face in her teacher's crystal ball, falls for her and tells Dorothy to leave them to him.

Inside the castle, Shiine appears in front of Chacha and Riiya, introduces himself to them, then asks Chacha to go with him and have some tea. But Riiya angrily intervenes and fights against Shiine. When Riiya turns into a white wolf, Chacha, being very fond of animals, hugs him hard [as before..], making Shiine jealous. So Shiine also transforms himself.. into what Chacha takes for a mouse and scares her. So both Chacha and Riiya/wolf beat the tar out of Shiine/mouse, leaving him knocked out behind.

In the middle of the stairs, Dorothy, seeing Shiine is of no help, turns the stairs into an escalator, forcing them to retreat. Therefore Chacha decides to create a giant pigeon so that they can fly upstairs on his back, but she gets mixed up [as always] and all she gets is a giant ostrich, that gets mad at them and runs after them, forcing Chacha, Riiya and Shiine to leave the castle and close the doors behind them.

Chacha starts to lose heart and doesn't know what to do, so to cheer her up, Shiine offers her a bouquet of flowers, that she happily takes, much to Riiya's disappointment. Then Chacha makes them grow the same way she made the seed grow at Seravi's house not long ago. So all three of them cling to the trunk of the flowers and are taken high, over the defensive walls, back into the castle.

Dorothy is busy teasing Seravi when the door slams open and Chacha, Riiya, and Shiine come in. Seravi tells Chacha not to worry about him but to go help Elizabeth. When Chacha complains to Dorothy about Elizabeth being tied up, Dorothy makes a scary face and creates a giant dragon to attack them. Then Chacha tries to fight but all she can create is a mere tiger toy.

As Chacha is about to be eaten alive by the dragon, the door slams open again and the giant ostrich shows up, and immediately runs after Dorothy. So Seravi tells Chacha to use her Princess Medallion. She quickly gives the bracelet to Riiya, the ring to Shiine, and the powers of their three magical items combine together. With a bit of magical formulae, it makes Chacha turn into a very tall blond and beautiful girl, who calls herself the Magical Princess Holy Up, holding a golden bow and an arrow in one hand. She fires her magical shot, Beauty Serein Arrow, at the dragon, who gets blasted and it breaks the evil mirror into pieces. The shot also makes Dorothy return to her normal self, and then breaks the bottle in which Seravi was stuck. Elizabeth, who actually is a doll, is set free too.

At the Dark Castle, Sorges apologizes to his master the Daimaou, who retorts that's not this important, since he has now another victim in mind to bother in the future: Seravi's pupil Chacha.

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