Akazukin Chacha episode 2

Episode Title Rival ha kurozukin
[Black hooded rival]
Air Date 1994.01.14
OP Kimi Iro Omoi (SMAP)
ED Egao ga Suki Dakara (Sawada Shoko)
Keywords School, chalk brush, whip, ring
New characters Yakko (Akado Mayumi)
Urara Principal (Shimamoto Sumi)
Rascal-sensei (Matsuno Taiki)

  • Summary by Pascal Janin, 1994.10.14
  • Editing by Hitoshi Doi, 1994.10.17
The night before Chacha goes to school, Seravi and Elizabeth find her asleep with her school bag in her arms. They think she must be anxious about going to school for the first time, and want to check if she hasn't forgotten anything. But Chacha wakes up and wants to give a good surprise to Seravi, so she creates a big bouquet of flowers ("hana") which turns into a big bouquet of noses [also "hana", but different kanji! ^_^] that scares her to death. Seravi tells her not to make anything nasty at school tomorrow.

At Dorothy's castle, Shiine is also preparing his school bag [he even puts a Chacha penbox inside], while Dorothy wonders what dress she should wear. Shiine says he will help her to choose, and picks up one dress.. followed by ALL the remaining ones, stacking up onto Dorothy's body.

The next day eventually arrives. Dorothy takes Shiine to Seravi's house to meet Chacha, and when he wants to take Chacha's hand in his, Riiya puts himself between them. Then Riiya begs Seravi to let him go to school with Chacha and Shiine, and Seravi agrees. That makes Chacha and Riiya VERY happy.
[I'd better say "stupidly overwhelmed with joy" ^_^]

To please Dorothy, Seravi tells her that she looks great in the dress "she made specially for that day" according to her, but Elizabeth points out this dress just looks like the same usual one. So Dorothy angrily asks everybody to get ready to go.

Just before they leave, Riiya's grandfather, a giant, comes to say good bye to his son before he leaves for school. Since the others have brooms to fly on, Riiya's grandfather grabs Riiya and sends him flying.

At the Dark Castle, Sorges tells the Daimaou that Chacha and the others are on their way to school. Then when he dares asking why he is after Chacha, the Daimaou angrily pulverizes the Chinese style brass marbles with which he was playing, saying that's none of his business. Scared, Sorges shyly adds that he will send his own spy to school.

The school is where Seravi and Dorothy used to go. Elizabeth adds that Seravi and Dorothy used to destroy it in full about six times while they were quarrelling. Seravi then takes them to the principal's office. Chacha wants to open the door by herself, but gets mixed up and instead turns the door into a "door monster".

The principal is a short-legged old lady with huge bulging happy eyes. At first she mistakes Elizabeth for Dorothy, then tells her she has changed a lot.. Dorothy's makeup has become very thick since the last time she saw her.

Chacha, Shiine and Riiya introduce themselves, followed by Riiya's grandfather who blasts the window with his loud voice. The principal says that all three will be in the Banana Class with Rascal-sensei for teacher, who soon shows up, holding a big whip that he frantically cracks around. He immediately takes the kids away with him with the whip. Dorothy wonders if they'll be all right with this strange teacher, but Riiya's grandfather found him very nice and is relieved.

In the classroom, Rascal-sensei, still cracking his whip over their heads, says that since Shiine and Chacha are magicians, they should make friends with other magicians of their kind, while Riiya, being a "normal" person, should stay with other normal persons. Then he introduces Chacha and Shiine to Yakko-chan, a cute little girl like Chacha with purple hair and a black hood.

Rascal-sensei asks them to introduce themselves with some trick of their own, and says that if it's not good they'll be spanked with his whip. Riiya transforms into a white wolf, that Rascal hugs the same way Chacha does. Next is Shiine, who makes lots of flowers appear, even in the teacher's hair. Rascal was pleased. Next is Chacha, who first wants to make a rabbit appear, but thinking about what would happen if things don't go well (Rascal punishing her), she makes a big bull appear. Chacha succeeded and the bull, seeing the red color of Chacha's hood, chases everyone, and breaks everything is the class. Chacha thought Rascal was going to punish her, but Rascal hangs Chacha to the blackboard and draws on the blackboard with his whip what he likes best: flowers.

Just when Riiya points out that Rascal is a nice teacher after all, the chalk brush, who is Sorges' spy, spreads some chalk powder over Rascal's face, making his personality change drastically. He pulls a wicked face and..

[CM break]

..Is about to crack his whip onto Chacha. But then Shiine spots Seravi and Dorothy, having a ride back home on Riiya's father's shoulders. Hearing Seravi's name, Yakko rushes to the window and shouts, "Seravi-sama I love you!!" startling him.

Seravi says he doesn't know that girl. When Chacha tells Yakko that Seravi is her teacher, Yakko becomes mad at her. When she dreams of herself and Seravi getting married, Chacha, Shiine, and Riiya make fun of her, pretending to be celebrating her wedding.

Yakko obviously doesn't like the idea of Chacha being [living] with Seravi. When she asks Rascal to punish Chacha, he makes a strange face and turns the classroom into a boxing ring. Shiine realizes at his expense that the fence around the ring is made of electrical wire.

Then the fight starts. Yakko makes the earth shake, but Chacha has her broom to fly on so it has no effect on her. Yakko then throws thunders at Chacha who safely takes shelter under a grounded Faraday cage. Yakko then throws fire bolts at Chacha who creates a giant "elephant shower" that makes the fire die out.

Chacha asks Yakko to let her do the first move this time, but gets mixed up and instead throws a hot cooking pan to Yakko. The pan misses her and lands on top of Rascal's head. That makes him even angrier and he pushes Yakko aside to fight himself against Chacha. He pulls such a scary face that even Yakko, and the principal (who comes by but quickly retreats) notices he's not acting as usual.

When he makes his first move, Chacha tries to escape through the window on her broom, but Rascal turns his whip into thousands of large whips and sends them after Chacha. Shiine takes Riiya on his broom and fly after Chacha to help her. Then all three invoke the power of their magical items, which turn Chacha into the Magical Princess Holy Up. Her Beauty Serein Arrow blasts the monstrous whips into pieces and makes Rascal return to normal.

Later Rascal wakes up, wondering what he is doing outside.

At the Dark Castle, the Daimaou isn't very satisfied with Sorges' spy's performance. But Sorges swears he'll have a better chance next time.

At home, Seravi feels that there's something different in the air. Then he hears Chacha trying to open the door with her magical powers ("doa wo hirake!"), but all she manages to do is to create lots of terrifying yet colorful jellyfishes ["kurage", that she mistook for "hirake"].

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