Akazukin Chacha episode 8

Episode Title
Watashi no Cake ha Ichiban Zansu
[My Cake is the Best]
Air Date
Kimi Iro Omoi (SMAP)
Egao ga Suki Dakara (Sawada Shoko)
  • Summary by Pascal Janin, 1995.01.15
It's ten to noon and Rascal-sensei's pupils aren't paying any attention to his lesson. So he yells at them and sends his school book flying with his whip, but nothing happens, much to everyone's surprise [usually something frightening ALWAYS happens]. And even when Yakko-chan denounces Chacha, Riiya and Shiine, who are looking out of the window instead of being seated, Rascal yells out his cooking preferences instead of getting mad at them. Then when he spots the cook, on a flying carpet, bringing their long awaited lunch, Rascal slams the window open and yells at him to hurry.

[title screen]

Instead of bringing the food to Rascal and the kids, the principal brings a cup of tea to the cook, and even proposes him another cup. Soon Riiya's father arrives, holding his belly in his hands, and collapses on the ground. He asks for Riiya, and tells him that he lost his way in the middle of his morning jogging, and just found himself starving.

So the principal offers to give him all the food they just got. Of course Rascal and Shiine disagree, but while they talk, Riiya's father gulps all the food down. Chacha, in tears, can only state the cooking pots are all empty.

It's Rascal's duty to tell his pupils that they won't have any lunch today. Yakko and Shiine start kicking Riiya for what his father did, but are soon stopped by Marin's "blasting" appearance, who yells that she will never let nobody do harm to HER Riiya. Chacha quickly intervenes, saying she WILL take care of Riiya. Marin, then Yakko, nastily wonder what she can do, and when Riiya tells them he's starving to death, Marin uses her magical stick to make some sea food appear. But her stock of goods seems to be empty, thus, very embarrassed, she quickly dashes out and gets back to her own classroom.

It's Chacha's turn to do something now; Rascal and her classmates, hearing this, decide to evacuate the area and take shelter behind a huge stack of desks, at full speed. Once in a VERY long while, Chacha's magic seems to work, but the full-course lunch she created is a mere restaurant sign. Then Shiine tries, but all he can do is a giant cooker full of boiling water.

At the Dark Castle, Sorgess tells his master that he didn't succeed until now but this time the Daimaou should not worry at all about his success.

A house somewhere in the forest. A strange-looking sorceress named Cream has a bit of rehearsal before Chacha's coming. She puts a hood like Chacha's on top of a daikon [white radish], but her hat pulls on a subway-like handle by accident, and a thousand knifes, then the oven's fire, attack her. She rushes outside and jumps into the pond to put out her clothes on fire. She looks forward to meeting Chacha though.

On their way back home, Riiya, Chacha and Shiine are still starving, when Riiya/white wolf smells a delicious odor coming from inside the sorceress' house, who was waiting for them, turns herself into an inoffensive cook and takes them in.

Inside, with big happy eyes, Riiya, Chacha and Shiine are given some home- made cakes that smell MUCH better than they look. But the first mouthful Shiine takes is tasting so bad that he spits it out, making the sorceress VERY angry.

[CM break]

Chacha pretends the cakes taste good and has a try too, but they are definitely too horrible to eat, so Shiine gets up, faces the sorceress and tells her how bad her cakes are, making her madder than ever. She calms down, however, when she notices that Riiya gulps his cakes without complaining. Shiine adds that since Riiya was starving, he's just stuffing his belly without paying attention to the taste of the food, thus to make him shut up, Chacha crams another handful of cake into Shiine's mouth.

But now that Riiya is stuffed, he openly complains about the poor quality of the food, angering the sorceress again. So they can only try to escape from her anger, but she throws a sharp knife at them, forcing them to stay and eat the rest of the cakes. Shiine finds the sorceress very strange, so Riiya turns back into his human self, blasts the locked door, and all 3 run away.

They are now having a ride on their flying brooms (despite the fact that Riiya is a bit too heavy for Chacha's broom) so the sorceress throws giant cherry bombs at them, forcing them to land, next ensnares them into gelly candy collars and takes them back to the house.

There, all 3 complain again about the cakes being too bad to eat, so the sorceress tells them that either they make better cakes than hers or they'll be at her beck and call forever, but there's no way they can succeed. Chacha first turns them all into cooks, but they don't remember how to prepare cakes. So Chacha makes great efforts to remember how her master Seravi did that once; even "playing her memories back" [at slow speed ^_^] is useless, because Seravi used his own magic to do so.

The kids are about to lose hope, when a strange cook, wearing a pink nose, white mustaches and glasses, shows up, preparing in front of them a nice chocolate parfait. Riiya seems to be the only one to recognize Seravi in disguise, but he stuffs the cake into Riiya's mouth to make him shut up while he will teach them how to make good cakes, in front of the "best cake maker in the world", as Cream the sorceress likes to call herself.

Soon Seravi assigns to each of them a particular thing to do. Chacha, sifting the flour, is too clumsy and makes it fall onto the floor. And to make the pastry swell faster, Shiine secretly puts a bit of soap powder.. too much of it, actually. At last, while stirring the cream to coat the cake with, their words "tsu! - no! - tsu! - no!", murmured to stir it rhythmically, make real giant horns ('tsuno' in Japanese) appear in the bowl. Then Seravi leaves to them the last few things to do.

Of course, as expected, they mix the strawberries, the cake, the cream and the 'horns' so badly that the result looks as terrible as the sorceress' own cakes. But she finds their cake unexpectedly appetizing though, and has a try. The cake turns to be delicious, so Chacha remembers her to let them go, as promised. But the sorceress never intented to, and instead intends to punish them for preparing better cakes than hers.

She angrily pulls on a row of handles hanging down from the ceiling, throwing knives, fire and fruits bombs at them. Seeing that the sorceress got almost caught in her own trap, Chacha, Riiya and Shiine make the Princess Holy Up appear, and her Beauty Serein Arrow blasts the sorceress' oven and house into pieces, sending her flying in the air.

Resuming their way back home, Riiya seems to be the only one in good shape, because he's not starving any longer.

At the Dark Castle, Sorgess tells the Daimaou that he has found another enemy to send after Chacha; the shape of a black cat forms in the fire..

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