Akazukin Chacha 10

Episode Title
"Kyuu-chan no gyakushuu !" (Kyuu-chan's counterattack)
11 Mar 1994
Kimi iro omoi (SMAP)
Egao ga suki dakara (Sawada Shoko)
vampire, bats, shooting game, castle, river, whirlpool
Kyuu-chan, Marin
  • Summary by Pascal Janin, 1995.02.14

Kyuu-chan is training himself hard, under icy waterfalls, to become stronger in order to take revenge of Chacha, Marin and Riiya for calling him "plain-looking" [lit. "busaiku", see episode 5] and other nice qualifiers of the same kind. When Sorgess appears in front of him, Kyuu-chan begs him to let him deal with Chacha, once for all.

[title screen]

The school is over, and Chacha, Riiya and Shiine happily leave to go back home, leaving a desperate Marin behind. On their way, Chacha and Shiine use their brooms to fly over a deep abyss, thus to follow them, Riiya/white wolf tries to jump over it, but he is kidnapped in mid air by two bats. Chacha and Shiine try to rescue him but are knocked down into the river.

Marin, arriving and seeing Riiya nowhere, thinks he has fallen into the river and creates a giant boat. Chacha and Shiine manage to go on board, but all 3 are caught in the rapids.

Elsewhere, Riiya/white wolf has been taken to Ryuu-chan's castle, but Riiya doesn't recognize him. As a punishment for not remembering the best-looking vampire in the world, Ryuu-chan ensnares Riiya against the wall. As an ultimate punishment, Ryyu-chan pulls out a razor to threaten Riiya with.

At the Dark Castle, Sorgess swears to the Daimaou that this time Chacha will be "trashed" without fail.

Meanwhile in the rapids, Marin cannot control her boat anymore, and all 3 are caught into a whirlpool which takes them right into a pond in Kyuu's castle. Wandering around, they eventually find a large game center, with a lot of "bat people" playing to one-armed bandits, shooting games etc.. [Seravi and Elizabeth are there too !]. Seeing this, Marin and Chacha completely forget what they came for, and take part of the shooting game, until Riiya makes them realize they are shooting at Riiya.

[CM break, new music]

Chacha asks Marin to stop shooting at Riiya, but (of course) Marin sees him nowhere. To make the other bat-players stop, Chacha creates enough light to blind them all, but it only appears into Marin's eyes. Her next invention, fireworks, scares the bats away but also beats Riiya down. They deliver him only to run into Kyuu-chan.

Marin "forces" Chacha to defeat Kyuu-chan, and Chacha creates a large cross made of garlic, which is of no effect on him. The girls' next trick is to make a fool of him, first by flattering him then insulting him, but Kyuu-chan has put sticks in his ears not to hear them. One of the sticks eventually pops out, so Marin and Chacha yell out loud "busaiku!!". This final blow makes Kyuu-chan go nuts, as expected.

Kyuu-chan then manages to lock up Riiya into a large glass tube, and expects his friends to beg him to set Riiya free, by saying he's the most handsome. But Chacha keeps yelling out that Riiya is, no matter what, the world's best looking guy, and calls Kyuu-chan "busaiku" once too often.

Kyuu-chan angrily sends a large ball and chain after them. Marin, in the meantime, does her best to rescue Riiya, but the sea weed she has created and is creeping onto is too slippery, and it's thanks to the help of Seravi (in disguise) that she manages to climb atop of it.

Hanging to the chain, Chacha's trick (a mere banana) does little effect, so Shiine creates a blowtorch to melt the chain. The chain breaks, but Kyuu-chan turns it into the fuse of a giant bomb. Thankfully, Marin creates a water torpedo, to get out of the glass tube, which puts out the fire. Chacha, Riiya and Shiine eventually make Holy-Up appear, who easily defeats Kyuu-chan, making his castle vanish with him in mid air.

Back home, exhausted, Riiya and Chacha find Seravi disguised in Kyuu-chan, drinking tomato juice, and playing the "ball and chain" game.

It's no use saying that the Daimaou isn't very happy with Kyuu-chan's second and last performance, and crushes the Chinese balls with anger.

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