Akazukin Chacha episode 12

Episode Title
"Orin-chan no hatsukoi" (Orin-chan's first love)
25 Mar 1994
Kimi iro omoi (SMAP)
Egao ga suki dakara (Sawada Shoko)
ninja, sword, frog
Orin-chan, grandfather ninja, frog monster
  • Summary by Pascal Janin, 1995.02.26
Rascal-sensei, reading the register, calls for Orin-chan. Almost nobody knows her because she's a ninja thus keeps herself hidden and out of sight most of the time. Orin-chan turns to be a cute little blond girl who attends the courses hanging down from the ceiling.

[title screen]

Today's Sorgess' trick consists in the "youtou kotetsu", a strange sword which turns anyone who holds it into a matchless devil.

At school, Orin-chan has fallen asleep so Rascal-sensei throws a chalk at her to wake her up. Falling down from the ceiling, Shiine catches Orin-chan in his arms, making her fall [^_^] for him instantaneously.

Outside, now that the lesson is over, Marin aims at Riiya while Yakko-chan wants to go to Chacha's house only to meet Seravi. From afar, Orin-chan is spying on them, wondering why her hearts pounds this hard when she looks at Shiine.

On their way back home, Orin-chan appears suddently in front of Chacha, Shiine and Riiya, and knocks Riiya down, instead of Shiine, pretending she "ran" into them by accident. She then takes them all to her home.

Orin-chan's place is an ancient wooden house, full of pitfalls. Then Orin's grandfather shows up, mistaking her friends for enemies. Orin-chan introduces him as the greatest ninja on earth, the best in his field just like Seravi.

It's now time to have a little dinner, but a ninja's consist in a mere berry that feeds them for 3 days. The 3 kids would rather prefer to eat for 3 days instead of eating a single 3-days pill.

After they have left, Orin-chan still wonders why she's acting so strangely when Shiine is in sight. Her grandfather is of no help to tell her what her "disease" might be.

At night, while her grandfather sleeps [in a sleeping bag hanging to the ceiling..], Orin-chan can't sleep, still thinking about Shiine.

The next day, the postman wakes them up, bringing a large parcel, with Sorgess' cursed sword inside. Orin's grandfather, opening the parcel, recognizes the sword but makes a big mistake, holding it by the handle. The sword lights up and turns the old man into a fearless "Chacha killer". He even convinces Orin-chan that Chacha and the others are ninjas' enemies. On their way to school, Orin's grandfather suddently appears and attacks them at once.

[CM break]

At the very last second, Riiya/white wolf intervenes and blocks grandfather's sword. His next trick is a giant shuriken that immobilizes them but he can't give Chacha the final blow because his back breaks apart again. Seeing her grandfather in bad shape lying on the ground, Orin-chan thinks he was right after all, Chacha and the other are their enemies, thus she starts attacking them as well.

But she's too weak and can only hit Riiya on the head with her ball and chain. As her grandfather summons her to fight, she tries to turn her love for Shiine into hate, and makes a giant frog appear and charge. The giant frog kicks Chacha and Riiya but does no harm to Shiine. So the 2 take shelter behind Shiine. Since Orin-chan can't do any harm to them now, Chacha jumps at the chance and creates a bomb; exploding, it generates a giant worm that gives chase to the kids up to the school.

But Orin-chan is still up to it and her blow is blocked by Seravi, disguised in a ninja. Playing "janken" with Orin-chan's grandfather, he forces him to drop the cursed sword and return to his own self. Orin-chan seems very happy to be friends with everybody again.

In the meantime, the giant frog grabs the sword with her tongue and turns into a giant warrior. Marin and Yakko pair off to fight against the monster [to protect each other's love, either Riiya or Seravi]. Yakko throws a bottleful of sleeping potion at the monster who blows on it and sends it back to Yakko. Marin, in turn, creates a prickly fish with which she intends to fight against the evil sword, but it is useless thus she retreats in her shell.

Marin's fish only made the monster even angrier, and he slashes the roof of the school in half. Shiine, once more, rescues Orin-chan in his arms. Her love for him freezes her and the monster is about to take her off guard, when Chacha turns herself into Holy-Up, and easily blasts both the sword and the frog monster into pieces.

Seeing Yakko and Marin babbling about their respective loves, Orin-chan realizes that her strange feelings aren't illness after all, but love.

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