Akazukin Chacha episode 13

Episode Title
"Ganbare orusuban" (good luck watching the house)
1 Apr 1994
Kimi iro omoi (SMAP)
Egao ga suki dakara (Sawada Shoko)
trip, banana, blue gelly cake, gas bomb, fox
Dorothy, Foxy
  • Summary by Pascal Janin, 1995.02.26
Seravi tells Chacha that he and Dorothy will be going to a magical shop far away and must leave her behind, and to his surprise, Chacha looks very happy to be in charge of the house while he'll be away.

[title screen]

The Daimaou has also heard that Seravi would be away for a few days, and expects Sorgess to jump at the chance and "do" something "good" this time.

Before he leaves, Seravi makes Chacha repeat the 3 rules he told her :

1- do not open the door to foreigners, 2- do not play all day, 3- do not destroy the house [he knows her well ^_^].

"Hopefully" Shiine and Riiya will be there to "enforce" them.

As soon as Seravi and Dorothy have left, Chacha rushes at Seravi's magical hideout in the cellar. They are many many books there, and since Riiya is hungry, Chacha opens one of them to make a nice dish for him. But she can't do better than a "roast sandal" that wrecks the ceiling on its way down.. quite not what the 3rd rule stipulated.

In the meantime, Foxy, Sorgess' "messenger", arrives in sight of the house. Putting a leaf on his forehead, he turns himself int a harmless old lady, selling poisoned bananas.

The fox/lady rings at the front bell to offer bananas to the kids. But they have no money to purchase any. So the old lady offers one for free, that Riiya, starving to death, grabs in his jaws. Hopefully, Marin arrives just in time to rescue "her" beloved Riiya and take the poisoned banana out of his mouth. Marin then forces the fox/lady to eat her own bananas then throws her away in mid air. She's very mad at Chacha for not treating "her" Riiya better. She has, in fact, brought a delicious cake [blue gelly ??], made of torpedo fish, that gives anyone who eats it the "electrical creeps" [^_^;;].

Outside, Foxy has recovered from Marin's kick and turns himself into an innocent old man to trick Chacha and be able to put a gas bomb inside the house. [CM break]

Now that Riiya has turned himself into a white wolf, Marin accuses Chacha of hiding him out of her sight. Then Riiya/wolf starts chasing Marin because she has brought some sandwiches and he's still starving.

The door bell rings, so Chacha opens the door and meets Foxy, who pretends he has come to ask Seravi for some "magical" service. Seeing that Chacha won't let him in because Seravi in on a trip, he tries to flatter her, saying she's at her cutest and can do the job as well since she'll be Seravi's successor. Thus Chacha lets Foxy in. It's now Yakko's turn to show up, protecting "her" Seravi; she sends Foxy flying in the air.. thru the ceiling.

Foxy, all torn down, makes his come back, asking for Chacha's help once more, but Yakko pretends she's better at magic than her. So the 2 girls fight to decide who will do the job. Yakko's trick is a money-attracting potion, that draws to Foxy EVERY single piece of metal in the house. Chacha, in turn, intends to create a giant wallet, but instead creates a rhinoceros that gives chase to Foxy, blasting another wall in his run.

In the meantime, Riiya, still in his wolf shape, turns back to his real self to let Marin give him the promised sandwiches, but returns to his wolf shape when he realizes that they are not sandwiches but blue gelly cakes. Riiya would like to see Seravi back. It reminds to the others that they have to fix the house, according to the 3rd rule.

They are fooled by Foxy, who turned himself into a carpenter. They let him in but he locks the door behind him. His tools chase the kids around in the house. Foxy has immobilized Chacha and is about to roast her alive with a giant blowtorch, but Riiya and Shiine can set one of their hands free, to be able to use their magical item and turn Chacha into Holy-Up. The Serein arrow easily counters the blowtorch, even though it destroys not only Foxy but also the remains of Seravi's house.

As Shiine and Riiya promise Chacha to defend her cause in front of Seravi, and Marin and Yakko try to chicken out, Seravi shows up. Back from his trip, he can only see that Chacha has disobeyed his 1st and 3rd rules. The kids beg him to forgive them, and he does, seeing that their enemy was sent by the Daimaou.

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