Akazukin Chacha episode 15

Episode Title
Tanjou! Franken-chan
[Birth! Franken-chan]
Air Date
Kimi Iro Omoi (SMAP)
Egao ga Suki Dakara (Sawada Shoko)
egg, baby, tears, soccer game
  • Quick summary version 1.0 by Pascal Janin, 1995.04.10
Sorges' new trick is a strange scientist who creates a giant egg. It hatches out in front of Chacha, and the giant baby inside takes her for his mother.

Chacha calls him Franken-chan (for he looks like Frankenstein) and decides to nurse him. She even takes Franken-chan to school.

There, the scientist uses his Famicom-like remote control to turn the harmless Franken into a dangerous monster that attacks everyone. Chacha has to use the Serein Arrow against her child, but her love for Franken cancels the scientist's effects on the baby. Riiya's grandfather swears he'll take care of Franken.

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