Akazukin Chacha episode 17

Episode Title
Kaette kita Nyandabar
[The return of Nyandabar]
Air Date
Kimi Iro Omoi (SMAP)
Egao ga Suki Dakara (Sawada Shoko)
Thunderbirds spoofs, robot, meals
  • Summary by Pascal Janin, 1995.04.08
Riiya is very mad at his brothers. Yesterday night at dinner, they kept fighting over his portion of food, while he was helping himself to some rice, and they left nothing for him.

[title screen]

At the Dark Castle, Sorgess proudly tells his master that he has given another chance to Mikeneko [cf episode 9] who's in anger to defeat Chacha, but the Daimaou 'warns' him about another possible defeat..

For now, Mikeneko is 'kept' busy at road works. He can't stop remembering how Chacha/Holy Up defeated his robot Nyandabar, and he cries for revenge.

Unexpectedly, his brother Toraneko shows up, riding a motor bike. He has come to help Mikeneko to defeat Chacha. Soon Mikeneko's second brother, Kuroneko, arrives too, followed by Shironeko, the only and VERY SEXY ^_^;; blond girl of the family. She swears to help Mikeneko to fulfill his dreams and avenge him.

Then Mikeneko shows them the plans of the 'extended' Nyandabar robot he just designed, but all they need to build it is some money now. Thankfully, Mikeneko's elder brother Buchineko pops out of a giant safe, bringing him enough gold to make his projects come true.

On their way, Riiya/wolf sniffs the smell of a hamburger, when the ground opens in front of them and reveals a delicious lunch ready to eat. Shiine thinks that might be a trap, but the other two have already gulped down most of it. It's even stranger when plenty of other meals appear from nowhere.

Soon after having eaten the last dish, a herd of wild horses charges the kids. They are forced to run away at full speed, right where Toraneko, "remote- controlling" the horses, wanted them to go.

Chacha and the others come to a stop when they realize they don't understand the road signs and don't know where to go. Since a herd of hippopotamus, under Buchineko's control, suddenly charges them, there's an only way left to go.

Running away, Chacha, Riiya and Shiine "bump" into Shironeko, dressed up as a poor lady in distress. She says to be waiting for somebody to bring her, from the nearby drugstore, a special medicine to cure her sickness. But as soon as Chacha finds the cat-shaped drugstore and goes in, it blows up.

[CM break]

Recovering, Chacha, Riiya and Shiine are shouted at by Mikeneko, crying for revenge. Chacha recognizes him, and Riiya is making himself ready to get rid of him once more. But then Mikeneko tells them he prepared all of the delicious meals that lured them there, so the kids deeply bow at him and thank him.

When Shironeko, Buchineko and Toraneko rejoin their brother, Mikeneko fires a missile at Chacha. The kids try to escape but, out of the missile, some funny cat masks are fastened into their forehead. Riiya and Shiine try to remove them but can't.

With a wicked smile, Mikeneko tells them this is an human-controlling device. He picks up the Famicon-style remote control and the kids start a very silly dance, against their will.

While they are dancing, Riiya and Shiine keep kicking and teasing each other. To the contrary, Chacha seems to enjoy her funny dancing style a lot. That's too much for her controlling device which overheats and explodes, freeing her. In the meantime, Riiya's and Shiine's fight is getting fiercer and fiercer, until their blows destroy each other's controlling device.

Mikeneko isn't very happy that his invention got destroyed this easily. His sister Shironeko cheers him up, so all 5 turn themselves into "colored fighters", a la Power Rangers, making such well-known silly stances.. Then Mikeneko raises his neko badge to the sky, calling for their fighting machines to come.

[here starts the Thunderbirds theme parody..]

Within seconds, 5 high speed jet planes, each of them bearing a different number ("1" to "5") fly down to the neko family. The 5 cats get into their respective color-matching planes, and take off. Chacha thinks they might show them some aerobatics.

Soon the 5 planes unite to form a giant robot which lands on the ground, in front of the kids. But the robot's shape isn't the way Mikeneko designed it, because the 5 planes didn't assemble right. Chacha, Riiya and Shiine have to wait a bit until the 5 cats reassemble the robot many other ways and find the good one.

Finally the "Nyandabar ZZ" robot is ready. Chacha and Riiya are very impressed and wish aloud to have a ride on it. Instead, Nyandabar ZZ charges the kids and throws a powerful punch at them. The kids can hardly dodge.

The story of episode 9 repeats itself, as Chacha creates another clockwork mouse toy that Nyandabar ZZ easily squashes, not fooled by the same trick twice.

So the kids decide to fly away on their brooms. Mikeneko's robot got improved a lot since last time: when all 5 neko fighters press the same fire button, 2 wings appear in the robot's back, and it is launched out thanks to a pair of jet engines. Once flying in mid air, Nyandabar Z throws a punch missile at Chacha. She's about to be rejoined when another person, a fisherman, destroys the missile. Of course Chacha is the only one who doesn't recognize Seravi in disguise.

Mikeneko next shouts that he and his brothers and sister will get rid of Chacha once for all. Riiya/wolf remembers how badly his own brothers treated him last night, and angrily retorts that in no way can sisters and brothers be this united. In fact, Mineko's family seems to have had similar problems in the past, and they start quarreling at once.

They calm down a bit but soon resume fighting over some grilled fishes that Seravi has thrown at them (there are only 4 fishes for 5 people). Mikeneko eventually reminds them of the close family they said they were. Throwing the fishes away, he makes them stop quarreling.

For its next attack, Nyandabar ZZ locks itself on Chacha and throws a lot of lethal missiles at her. Riiya and Shiine are about to ask for Seravi's help, but he's already flying away on his broom. He gives them an advice though : "to win you must thrust your own powers, if you want to help Chacha with all your heart".

The kids then do the transforming routine. The Beauty Serein Arrow destroys all the missiles but also Nyandabar ZZ on its way.

Beaten down, the neko family swears to help Mikeneko once more nevertheless, and this time with the power of their love for each other.

No use saying that Mikeneko's second performance wasn't to the Daimaou's taste. The shape of Chacha's next enemy forms in the fire.. the evil angel of love.

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