Akazukin Chacha episode 20

Episode Title
Kaitou Nezumi-kid no chousen
[The challenge of the mysterious thief Nezumi-kid]
Air Date
Kimi Iro Omoi (SMAP)
Egao ga Suki Dakara (Sawada Shoko)
Beethoven, graduation test, stamp, mouse robot, helicopter
  • Quick summary version 1.0 by Pascal Janin, 1995.04.10
At school, Rascal's pupils all sing the Ode a` la joie (from L.V. Beethoven's 9th symphony) since time has almost come to part. Rascal is very sad because they will soon pass the final graduation exam and won't come to school any more. Sorges is asked find a way to prevent Chacha from graduating.

A mysterious mouse guy, Nezumi-kid, challenges the Urara Gakuen. He will come at midnight to steal the Urara Gakuen stamp. This scares Urara-enchou because the stamp is priceless, and if it gets stolen, her students won't be able to graduate. Soon Seravi shows up, dressed up as a detective. He tells them that Nezumi-kid was in his class back in school days, but since Seravi was always better at disguises than him, Nezumi has come today to take revenge.

At almost midnight, two detectives arrive at Urara Gakuen at the same time. Seravi is the one who carried Elizabeth, so the kids can tell which one is the fake one. Nezumi-kid manages to switch off the light and transforms into Rascal-sensei. The real Rascal has grabbed the stamp to protect it against Nezumi-kid, but his pupils mistake him for the thief (since he sounds too kind with them all of a sudden). So Nezumi/Rascal grabs the valuable stamp and tries to run away. Seravi blocks him, and leaves him to Chacha. But Nezumi-kid throws the stamp in the air to Sorges, who was flying in an helicopter. The kids try to stop Sorges but can only slightly damage the helicopter. Nezumi-kid's robots unite to form a giant robot, that Chacha/magical princess destroys.

In the distance, Sorges' helicopter crashes in the nearby forest.

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