Akazukin Chacha episode 30

Episode Title
Korega uwasa no fushichou no ken
[The fabled Wing Criss]
Air Date
  • Synopsis Version 0.99 by Michael Studte, 1995.04.20
Shiine-chan is staring at the sky lost in thoughts. At first he ignores he insistent calls by Chacha and Riiya, but eventually they get through to him.

Back at his castle, the Daimaou chides Yordas and Haideans for their recent failures. They promise to find the phoenix sword and stop Chacha. After the two depart on their brooms, Access doubts that they will get the job done.

Chacha, Riiya and Shiine-chan are looking for the phoenix sword. Shiine-chan is all full of purpose and tries to instill some enthusiasm in the others. It falls flat when he himself has trouble crossing a log-bridge and is worn out climbing a steep path. A sudden burst of energy makes him reach the top, and it turns out, they can see the mountain supposed to contain the phoenix sword.

As they step forward, however, they disappear from sight, having fallen into a huge dent in the scenery. Riiya complains about being hungry, and Chacha agrees. Shiine-chan won't let them have any food until they reach their goal, but even his stomach is complaining.

Eventually they reach a deserted village at the foot of the mountain. They decide to take a rest to try and work out where everyone has gone. As they do, an odd-looking bird bounces past them in the background. When it doesn't get their attention after several attempts, it makes itself heard a bit louder.

It immediately starts chattering, Chacha listening attentively, nodding every so often. When questioned by Riiya, she admits that she doesn't get a word of it. Shiine-chan helps out by changing himself into a bird and talking to the little creature. Shiine translates that a large rock creature called Ganda has driven everyone away. It has a habit of diving out of the sky and is responsible for the huge craters in the area. Riiya wonders why the small bird is the only one left behind, and Shiine-chan says it must be because it can't fly. The comments the three make aren't of any comfort to the embarrassed little bird.

Shiine translates that the bird would love to learn to fly and asks for their help. Ever willing to help, Chacha offers to assist. The little bird is overjoyed. Riiya thinks step 1 should definitely be to eat, but Chacha snatches the picnic basket away.

Yordas and Haideans, meanwhile, are trying to locate Gandas in a cave in the mountain. Gandas turns out a little bigger than they had imagines. In the background, we see hundreds of caged birds.

Our trio, meanwhile, is continuing away from the village, but the little bird has trouble keeping up on foot. The guys make some suggestions about what to do with the bird (including a suggestion of a dish of yakitori), but Chacha yells at those offerings. Chacha has named the little bird Piiske, because it's PInk and it says "PII!". Yordas and Haideans are using picks to scratch Ganda's shoulders to keep him happy.

It is time to teach Piiske to fly in a simple two step plan, Chacha having donned a bird costume to make it easier to visualise. Lesson 1 for Piiske is to learn how to move its tail and wings properly. Lesson 2 calls for running like hell down the hill flapping wings like mad. Needless to say, it doesn't work (for neither of them). Shiine-chan offers to help with lesson 3. Riiya is too impatient and has made a start on the picnic basket. Shiine-chan changes into a huge eagle, but this frightens the living daylights out of Piiske, who plummets off the branch and into the basket below. Riiya, not watching WHAT he's eating grabs the bird and nearly eats him before Chacha knocks the stuffing out of him.

Finally, after lots of practice, the little bird manages to float a few centimetres off the ground, but not for long. Chacha tells Piiske not to give up, even when it looks hopeless. Just then, a loud noise rocks the group, Ganda is coming, carried by the hundreds of birds. It drives the birds to carry him higher by using electric shocks. Chacha tries to conjure up some scissors (hasami) but ends up with the setting for flower-viewing (hanami), complete with karaoke machine.

Shiine-chan is somewhat more successful, but Riiya grabs and hurls him into the air. He manages to cut the birds free, causing Ganda to fall. He is very mad, and attacks the trio. Chacha transforms and shoots the Beauty Serene Arrow at Ganda, but fails to have any effect on him. Further direct hits also fail to stop the creature. Just when a shot appears to have hit the mark, Ganda snares Holy Up in some vines, and only some quick action by Shiine-chan saves her (he enjoys it). The trio is captured by vines, and try to drag Ganda down, but he uses his electric shocks to stop any resistance.

Chacha tells the little bird to run away, but Piiske remembers Chacha's earlier words and attacks Ganda directly. Ignoring a blast from Ganda, Piiske is airborn and haphazardly flies towards Ganda, finally ending up in one of his nasal cavities. The ensuing sneeze attack by Ganda manages to free the trio. Ganda traps the group, including Piiske, under his foot and again blasts them. Holy Up tries to crawl out in an effort to save the bird, but is unable to. Just as she cries out her apology for not being able to save Piiske, the little bird "explodes", throwing Ganda clear. Piiske floats up and turns into a phoenix. The phoenix dives down to land on Chacha's hand and turns into the phoenix sword "Wing Criss". Chacha uses the "Wing Criss Burning Flash" to finish Ganda off.

Riiya and Shiine-chan run up to her, Riiya making sure to bring the picnic basket along. The daimaou is displeased that Chacha has managed to recover the sword. Access, too, looks a bit worried.

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