Akazukin Chacha episode 33

Episode Title
Shiine-chan shukumei no taiketsu
[Shiine-chan's showdown of destiny]
Air Date
  • Summary by Steve Yu, 1998.06.06
Shiine has delusions on the romance between Dorothy and Access. But he accidentally read Dorothy's diary while he was cleaning her room. He then discovers the truth: Access is his father, and gave him to Dorothy while he was still a baby.

Access visited a strange desert prison which has an electrical force field (as Haideans and Yordas painfully discovered). He then rode to Dorothy's castle where he affirmed Shiine's suspicions about his parentage. Then the silver knight went off to finish Chacha. Access is apologetic of his actions but cannot compromise his principles.

Seravi felt Access' presence and readies Chacha and Riiya for battle. Without Shiine, Chacha couldn't transform, so the children put up a desperate defense. Chacha blasted at Access with fire and ice, but ended up burning herself and freezing Riiya. After much taunting by Haideans and Yordas about Shiine, Access threw an energy blast at them. Finally, he grew impatient and started blasting Chacha and Riiya.

Seravi raised his hand to deflect the blasts but stopped himself because Shiine arrived in time and deflected Access' energy ball. Father and son faced off, with energy bolts blazing. Shiine's powers were no match for Access', so Chacha transforms into Holy Up.

The Princess has a fight with Access but finally dispatches him with the Phoenix Sword. Shiine cries because he thinks his father is destroyed. Seravi revealed that the power of the Phoenix Sword does not kill, but Access needs time to recuperate.

Access repents of his knighthood principles and tells Shiine that his mother is still a prisoner of Daimaou. Shiine decides to save his mother, with Chacha and Riiya volunteering to help him.

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