Akazukin Chacha episode 34

Episode Title
Saikai! Namida no komoriuta
[Reunion! The lullaby of tears]
Air Date
  • Summary by Steve Yu, 1998.06.06
The kids now embark on a search for Shiine's mother. Access told them to look in the Spiders' Prison set in the desert. This was the strange prison that he visited in episode 33. The Daimaou doesn't appear happy but wants Chacha to meet [Spider-Woman], the jailer of Spiders' Prison.

The children searched for the prison to no avail. Shiine then heard a voice singing a lullaby - one that Dorothy and his mother sang to him while he was little. They found the prison but couldn't get in because of the electric force field. Since they don't know the proper password, they shouted out nonsense phrases.

The breakthrough came when Shiine hurled an insult to Riiya. The field weakened but still stood. Shiine gets an idea and traded insults with Riiya. The field reacts but doesn't disappear. It seems the only way to open the field is to insult Chacha. Though it is painful for both boys, they told her to close her ears, then hurled insults to Chacha. The plan worked, and the force field overloads. Chacha heard some of the insults but realized that it "wasn't true".

They proceeded to the prison and met the [Spider-woman]. She snared Shiine and Riiya in a sticky spider web and goes to clobber Chacha. Seravi and Dorothy appeared, dressed as weavers, and removed the webs that bind Riiya and Shiine.

[Spider-woman] hurled a punch to Chacha's face but Riiya intercepts it. This angered her, and she proceeds to beat Riiya into a pulp. Riiya doesn't give up and this angered the woman even more. She changes into a gigantic form while Chacha forms into Holy-Up. The Princess destroys the spider with the Phoenix Sword blast.

With the jailer destroyed, the prison disappears. Shiine then meets his mother and they have a tearful reunion. Later, Access takes Shiine's mother and rides off to a faraway land. They remind Shiine to be brave - and that they will come back for him later. Chacha is happy for Shiine but she is still sad because her parents are still prisoners of Daimaou.

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