Akazukin Chacha episode 37

Episode Title
Hanasaka-sensei Barabara-man
[Flower Teacher Barabara]
Air Date
  • Summary by Steve Yu, 1998.06.30
Chacha, Riiya and Shiine are continuing on their journey. But they realized that they're going around in circles. So Riiya turns into a wolf to sniff out the trail. Suddenly, he is hugged by Barabara - a man who's covered with barbs when he's excited. The children got introduced to him, and started running away from his thorny body. They also met Yakko, who still has a crush for Seravi. They are told that they are in a park of beautiful flowers. They get chased a lot of times, and finally strapped him in a pot.

But they noticed some thorns that started covering the whole park. Chacha tries to get rid of them but fails. Yakko uses one of her potions but caused the thorns to chase them. They escaped the thorns but were trapped by man-eating flowers. The children escaped but Barabara was caught. Riiya tossed a huge boulder and knocked out both Barabara and the carnivorous flowers.

The scene cuts to a huge rose in the front of the flower park. A spider-like creature appeared and starts freezing all the roses. When he tries to freeze the huge rose but was blasted by it. The children strolled by and noticed the huge rose. Yakko tries to grab it but was blasted. They were spied by Haideans and Yordas, who conclude that it's the Madonna Rose. The two schemers disguised themselves and the spider-creature, then told the children a sob story about the evils of the Madonna Rose. They pitied the spider monster and attacked the rose. Finally, Yakko froze it with her liquid nitrogen potion.

With the rose frozen, Barabara starts going ballistic. Then the spider monster showed his true colors. He attacked the children while Barabara mourns over his lost love. The monster hurled metal thorns at the kids but two gardeners appeared out of nowhere to cut them. They were of course Seravi and Dorothy in disguise. The two magicians left the flower park after that.

Riiya attacks the spider monster, but only made him angry. The monster grew to a gigantic size, and overcame the kids. Before he could harm Chacha, the Madonna Rose shielded her, giving Chacha the chance to transform. The Magical Princess summoned the Phoenix Sword and cuts through the monster's attacks. The burning flash finished the spider and the Princess finds the second paladin coin.

Chacha summons water to thaw out the frozen rose, and succeeds. Barabara is so happy that he sprouts thorns and runs to hug Chacha. Before he could reach her, Chacha zapped up her Nyanko house, keeping Barabara out while the children rest. Barabara tries to get in but the house is sealed tight.

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