Akazukin Chacha episode 38

Episode Title
Minna de Animal!
[Everyone becomes Animals]
Air Date
  • Summary by Steve Yu, 1998.06.30
It's a new day. The cat alarm rings and Chacha turns to shut it off. Her bed flips and squashes her on the wall. Riiya is hungry and peeps in the refrigerator for some food but was hit by a punching glove. Shiine tries to freshen up but no water comes out the faucet. Further pounding causes it to flood the cat house. The three children were washed out the house, but at least Chacha got to wash her face.

She packed up her cat house and sets out to journey. Suddenly, they see a carnival right in front of them. The owners popped out and introduced themselves as Ranran and Kankan. The children did not remember them, so they accepted the twins' invitation to party.

The twins set their first trap to make Riiya explode was spoiled by Marin's appearance. Their second trap to pierce Shiine with knives was also spoiled by Orin's intervention. The twins are desperate and decides to switch plans. They serve food to the children, who didn't suspect anything and just gobbled the food up.

They finished the meal, but something's wrong! Riiya is now a wolf (he did not transform), Chacha a koala bear, Marin a duck, Orin a flying squirrel, and Shiine a gopher. The twins imprisoned the team in an electrified cage. Chacha and Marin tries to use magic, but they couldn't perform magic in their cute animal form.

The twins gloated over the little animals, but they suddenly disappeared. Shiine (the gopher) dug a hole and caused them to fall in it. Then he was able to free everyone. They plot to grab the antidote but noticed a black-hooded intruder - Yakko!

Before she could help them, she ate up the food and turned into a pig. Yakko has the antidote, but Marin snatched it away before she could drink it. Then Ranran took it from them. The animals attack, but the twins captured them with ease.

The kids are back to square one. Except that Shiine has dug another hole and caused Kankan to fall. Orin glided and covered Ranran's face with her body, causing her to drop the potion. Chacha caught the potion, and poured it over a dish. All of them drank it and returned to normal. The twins combined their power and summoned a gigantic panda to attack the kids.

The giant panda first tries to befriend the kids, and then attacked them. Marin is trapped in a boulder, so Chacha transforms to save her. The Magical Princess calls the phoenix sword and dodges the Panda's claws. He tries to crush her, but she somersaulted to safety. She uses the burning flash and knocks the panda away. The twins ran away while Shiine found the third paladin coin.

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