Akazukin Chacha episode 39

Episode Title
Ryuuguujou de kappamaki
Air Date
  • Summary by Steve Yu, 1998.06.30
Chacha's having horrible nightmares about her parents turning into Daimaou. She wakes up, throwing her fist out and hitting both Riiya and Shiine. Riiya and Shiine comforted her, and they go back to sleep. Back in Daimaou's castle, he is not pleased with the twins' failure. He orders Haideans and Yordas to go and destroy Chacha.

The team pauses in front of what it seems to be a sea. But Shiine realizes that it is a VERY WIDE RIVER, not a sea. Chacha sees an inscription that mentions a "rainbow bridge". She tries to conjure one but fails. Haideans and Yordas watch in the background, scheming to trap them.

They created a boat and convinces the kids to join them. Haideans tried to pull the plug from the boat but they can't. Riiya notices and volunteers to help them. He pulls the plug out, making a huge leak in the boat. Haideans and Yordas retreated, leaving the children to drown in the river. Marin notices their screams and tries to help Riiya, but she was drawn with them into a mysterious underground palace.

They awake in a strange castle, and are welcomed by its people. They invited the kids to eat and be merry. Unfortunately, the menu is sea cucumbers - only Riiya has a good time. Meanwhile, Haideans and Yordas plot with the castle lord to destroy Chacha. They were served a sea cucumber meal as well.

Chacha tries the cucumbers and likes it. Marin also ate it after being told that it would make her prettier. Only Shiine does not seem to enjoy his meal, so he was sent to have a hot bath. He hears two girls talking, and is curious about them. They're not humans but frog people! He runs to tell the castle lord about them, but the lord turns out to be the Kappa, king of the frogs.

He ties Shiine up and attacks the rest of the kids. Back in the surface, Umibouzu hears Marin's calls for help. He quickly swims to save them. Back in the underground passage, the monster is having a ball chasing the kids. He grabs Marin to eat her, but Umibouzu crashes through the palace alls to save her.

The two giant creatures fight to a stalement. Kappa takes out a spear to slice Umibouzu, but Chacha transforms first. The Magical Princess destroys Kappa with the phoenix sword. He explodes, throwing the kids back to shore and creating a rainbow bridge. A chest fell from the sky, landing on Chacha's feet. She opens it and finds the fourth paladin coin.

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