Akazukin Chacha episode 40

Episode Title
Nyanko House de Choushoku wo
[Breakfast at Nyanko House]
Air Date
  • Summary by Steve Yu, 1998.06.30
It's a new day, and the cat alarm rings in Chacha's Nyanko house. Shiine turns off the alarm and was assaulted by Chacha and Riiya. Having messed up the house, Chacha and Riiya goes back to sleep. Shiine leaves the house (with a huge bump on his head) and noticed the beautiful sunrise.

He decides to set breakfast for them. But before calling Chacha out, he zaps up a collar tied to a post to subdue Riiya. But before he could tie Riiya up, the two had already awaken. They greeted each other and proceeded to devour the food Shiine prepared.

Shiine feels a bit angry at having his plans ruined, and he remembered the time when they first met:

Riiya transformed to his wolf form and attacks Shiine. But Chacha caught him and starts saying how cute he is. Feeling jealous, Shiine transforms himself to what Chacha sees as a little mouse just to get her attention. Chacha hates mice so she and Riiya beats the stuffing out of him.
[episode 1]

Then Shiine remembered the times Riiya spoiled his plans:

  • Shiine and Chacha goes to school for the first time. He is hoping he could go with her alone, but Riiya came between them.
    [episode 2]
  • Seravi, Riiya and Shiine are at a spa where they decided to relax. Seravi tells them to hurry up and join the girls at the steam room. Shiine goes red imagining about the girls at the room. Riiya ends up choking Shiine before he gets any other ideas.
    [episode 21]
  • Marin and Chacha both pretend that they're ugly so they won't be sacrificed. Shiine and Riiya interferes and end up quarreling about Chacha's beauty.
    [episode 22]
  • Chacha runs away from home after being fooled by Seravi. Shiine and Riiya tries to comfort her by going with her. Sparks of envy flew between the two rivals, and only the rumbling of Chacha's stomach stopped them from fighting.
    [episode 9]

The toast is ready, but before Shiine could reach it, Chacha and Riiya had already grabbed them away. He looks at them eating happily and remembers:

The fried chicken trap set for him. He sees that its such an obvious trap, but the food changed into a picture of Chacha in a swimsuit. He goes to pick it up, thinking that he could use his magic to escape. But he was then hypnotized by Yordas, who tells him that Chacha and Riiya are his enemies. Shiine believes him and is shown with a skull sticker on his face.
[episode 25]

Another batch of toast pops out, but it was snatched away before Shiine could reach it. He looks disappointed and continues his memories:

Evil-Shiine comes blasting and yells at Chacha and Riiya, telling them that they are no longer his friends. He is pushed by Riiya, so he puts on a knuckle-bracelet and hits Chacha. Riiya couldn't take it and attacks Shiine. The two fight, giving Yordas the opportunity to attack. He changes to a crab monster and attacks Chacha and Sorges. They fight until Riiya knocks Yordas down. Haideans came to add his power, transforming to a crab-lobster. Chacha is grabbed by the monster and being crushed. She tries to transform but can't because Shiine doesn't cooperate. Riiya goes up to get Shiine to cooperate. His words and tears caused Yordas' spell to disappear. The old Shiine returns and they finally transform. The Magical Princess shoots the Beauty Serein Arrow at Yordas and Haideans, destroying the monster.
[episode 25]

Shiine's thoughts are briefly interrupted when he sees Chacha and Riiya having fun eating. Then they continue:

The Magical Princess shoots a serein arrow at Ganda, but it doesn't hurt him. Further shots don't affect him either. Ganda snares Holy-up in some vines and starts to bash her on the ground. Shiine turns into a trampoline and saved her (he enjoys it). Then all of them were caught by Ganda. He electrocutes them to crush their resistance. Piiske runs up to Ganda and actually flew correctly. The bird enters Ganda's nostrils, causing him to sneeze and release everybody. Piiske is sneezed out and is about to be crushed by Ganda when Riiya, Shiine, and the Princess moves to save it. Ganda electrocutes them and starts to crush them under his feet. Holy Up feels sorry about not being able to save Piiske. The bird suddenly lets out a pulse of energy that knocks Ganda off his feet. It then transforms into the Phoenix. The Magical Princess uses her new weapon, the Phoenix Sword to finish Ganda off. Riiya and Shiine are very pleased at this victory, and they celebrated with their picnic basket.
[episode 30]

Shiine starts to feel sorry at himself for being left out. But Chacha and Riiya offer their food to him. He is touched by their consideration for him and starts eating. Chacha packs up her cat house but Shiine isn't finished eating. He gobbles the toast and packs up the table. Then he starts running towards the distant Chacha and Riiya.

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