Akazukin Chacha episode 41

Episode Title
Nebusoku Majin Daifunka!
Air Date
  • Summary by Steve Yu, 1998.06.09
Back home, Seravi worried about Chacha and wanted to see where she is. Dorothy dispels his doubts by gazing into her crystal ball. She sees the trio plodding in the desert. The children wandered in the desert, looking for drinking water. Chacha and Riiya were thirsty and they pleaded Shiine to look for oasis.

Daimaou noticed this also (he bursts out laughing) and ordered Haideans and Yordas to call on [Argyle] the volcano to finish Chacha. The blundering duo stumbled into a desert oasis and started looking for the ruthless [Argyle]. They finally found him, after disturbing him from sleeping. He attacks them, spewing hot lava all over the oasis. They were only able to calm him down when Yordas transformed into a bottle of milk, making [Argyle] sleep again.

Chacha and the others were about to pass out from the scorching heat when they spotted the desert oasis. They frolicked on the pool and started to sing when they heard their theme music played (by Haideans & Yordas). The noise they made awoke [Argyle] and he attacks them. Chacha tried to stop the living volcano by zapping up a rock barrier and singing a lullaby. Riiya then head-butted [Argyle] but was thrown off. Shiine also zapped up a rock barrier and sang a lullaby. All attempts failed, so Chacha transforms.

The Magical Princess used the Beauty Serein Arrow on [Argyle] and he was "destroyed". But he regained control and grew to a hideous rock monster. He showers them with rocks, so Chacha transforms again and tries to overcome him, this time using the Phoenix Sword. She threw the burning flash at him but he deflected her with a meteor. The explosion sent the Princess unconscious.

[Argyle] started to destroy Chacha with a stream of fireballs but Shiine deflects them with a barrier while Riiya deflects them with his fists. [Argyle] grew impatient and summoned another meteor. Just as he throws the meteor, Chacha regained consciousness and used the Phoenix sword to destroy [Argyle]. This time the burning flash passed through the meteor (but does not destroy it) and sends [Argyle] scattering. The Princess was too weak to evade the approaching meteor, and she resigned herself to her fate.

Suddenly, Seravi and Dorothy flew to save them. The meteor caused an explosion with an atomic cloud but Chacha and the others are far away. Seravi lays her down gently and berates himself for almost failing to protect Chacha. Then from the sky, another coin falls.

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