Akazukin Chacha episode 42

Episode Title
Densetsu no shield wo sagase!
[Find the legendary shield!]
Air Date
  • Summary by Steve Yu, 1998.06.09
With the Magical Princess' near defeat during the battle with [Argyle], Seravi sends out Chacha, Shiine, and Riiya to secure the legendary bird shield. The trio must search for the son of the royal armorer (a blacksmith) who can forge the shield. After much chasing and coercion by [Hogan], one of Daimaou's agents, the blacksmith agrees to make a shield.

The finished shield is then stolen by [Hogan] who then uses it to challenge Holy Up. Chacha transforms but cannot penetrate with her Phoenix Sword Attacks. The blacksmith, with a little persuasion from Seravi, instructs the Princess to throw the Phoenix sword at the shield. Chacha does and [Hogan] is defeated. Since the blacksmith skipped one part of the process (he forgot to include the crest of the angel of magic), the shield that he made was fake. They must continue to look for the shield.

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