Akazukin Chacha episode 43

Episode Title
Kansei! Bird Shield
[Finished! The Bird Shield]
Air Date
  • Summary by Steve Yu, 1998.06.09
The search for the dust from the angel of magic takes the team (and the blacksmith) to a remote village. They are joined by [Geraldo], a trumpeteer, who is also going to the village. But they soon discovered that everyone in the village was turned to stone except for [Bonnie], [Geraldo's] girl friend.

She recounted the events that lead to the village's present state. An evil warrior named [Kyoto] turned everyone to stone after the village cannot provide food for him. They searched in the mines for the special angel-dust, but cannot find any since [Kyoto] destroyed it all. Meanwhile, [Kyoto] arrives in the village to steal more food and is challenged by [Geraldo]. The warrior easily defeats the old trumpeteer and is about to change [Geraldo] to stone when [Bonnie] blocks the beam. She is turned into stone instead while [Kyoto] flies off to eat.

The team cannot do anything about [Bonnie]. Meanwhile, Haideans and Yordas appeared to [Kyoto] and tells him to kill Chacha. He wants a challenge and wants to fight her only after she gets her shield. [Geraldo] plays his trumpet's final encore and sadly gives it up to Chacha. Since the trumpet is made by metal from the magical angel, they could forge a bird shield from it. Finally, the shield is finished but Riiya couldn't even budge it.

[Kyoto] attacks, forcing Chacha to transform. The Princess found out that the Phoenix Sword cannot adequately protect her from the spears. Sensing Chacha's defeat, the blacksmith instructed Chacha to use the bird shield and shout "Bird shield build up!". This act almost killed him - [Kyoto] hurled a spear to shut the blacksmith but he was saved by Riiya and Shiine.

The Princess finally dispatched [Kyoto] after using the bird shield to protect herself. The destruction of [Kyoto] broke the stone spell and the whole village people changed back to normal.

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