Akazukin Chacha episode 44

Episode Title
Kagayake! Urara Gakuen dousoukai
Air Date
  • Summary by Steve Yu, 1998.06.09
Daimaou broods because Chacha already has 3 of Joan's most powerful weapons. Then Helen, the angel of the land of Evil offers to destroy Chacha if Daimaou agrees to give her the stone statue of Chacha's parents. Meanwhile, Seravi and Dorothy (and Elizabeth) worried that Daimaou would soon lose patience and recruit his crack team to destroy Chacha. Dorothy has a solution - spy on them with her patented disguises. Shiine overheard their plans and told the others.

[Helen] chose a bad time to attack - during the reunion party of the school. She was mistakenly identified as either Seravi or Dorothy in disguise. She was accidentally blasted away by Yakko, pricked by Barabara-man, whipped by Rascal, and Principal Urara threw knives at her. All this time, Seravi, Dorothy, and Elizabeth were disguised as stuffed animals.

Finally, [Helen] lost patience and leveled the school building. Chacha transforms and blasts at [Helen]. Unfortunately, Helen draws energy from fire - the Phoenix Burning Flash merely strengthened her and made her grew.

She snares the Princess, Shiine and Riiya and tries to crush them. Yakko, Marine, Orin, and the Urara teachers intervene to no avail. Dorothy tries to help but was stopped by Seravi.

Finally, Chacha activated the bird shield. As Helen threw a deadly blast to Chacha, it reflects from the shield and destroyed the evil angel once and for all.

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