Akazukin Chacha episode 45

Episode Title
Honmono ha dare nano!
Air Date
  • Summary by Steve Yu, 1998.06.13
    [This is based on the English dub, so the lines/jokes might be different from the original Japanese.]
Chacha, Shiine and Riiya reach a cave maze. They have to get past it in order to continue their journey. Meanwhile, Daimaou orders Haideans and Yordas to finish Chacha. They warp to the presence of [Goo-man], the king of all Slime.

Though he looks goofy, [Goo-man] has the power to assume anybody's form when they stepped on him. First, he demonstrates this to Haideans and Yordas then sends off several slime flunkies to neutralize Chacha.

The party continued on until they met Yakko. Apparantly, Yakko was looking for something that would make Seravi appreciate her. She is so enveloped in her fantasy that the others continued on without her. Yakko then runs to catch up.

After a while, Chacha tripped a floor panel and is promptly swept out of sight. Shiine and Riiya tries to free her but were also separated. The slimes took advantage of this fact and induced Riiya and Shiine to step on them. The slimes then morphed into duplicates of the two rivals.

Chacha meets up with [Goo-man] and attempts to finish him with magic. She fails, but luckily, 'Riiya' and 'Shiine' catches up with her. They began to the transformation sequence.

"Magical powers combine with LOVE!"

(That's the English translation. It's so darn funny, I fell over laughing about it. That's the first time I ever laughed this much at an Akazukin Chacha episode)

"and ROSE!"

Naturally, the magical princess doesn't form because 'Shiine' and 'Riiya' messed up their dialogue. Chacha runs from [Goo-man] and trips yet another panel. This time it opened a trapdoor below Chacha, and she falls to her certain doom - hot lava.

Luckily, Yakko threw her an anti-gravity potion, so Chacha floats up and hits the roof of the cave. Chacha tries to transform as [Goo-man] catches up with her.

"Magical powers combine with LOVE!"..."CABBAGE!"..."and CANTALOUPE!"

This turned Chacha into the Magical Cook. Chacha runs again and trips over yet another trap. A huge boulder from the cave roof came crashing down on her.

Luckily, she is saved again by Yakko's rock-cutting potion. Yakko made it clear that she doesn't save Chacha because they're friends. In fact, Yakko then slaps Chacha repeatly - she only saved Chacha because she doesn't want her accident to reunite her with Seravi. [Goo-man] catches up with the team. Chacha tries to transform again.

"Magical powers combine with LOVE!"..."SHOWER!"..."and SOAP!"

Chacha gets a raincoat and umbrella but no serein arrow or phoenix sword. [Goo-man] is very amused at this bungling.

"Magical powers combine with LOVE!"..."CAPPUCINO!"..."and CHERRY!"

Chacha turns into a giant crow. At this, Yakko tries to run away but [Goo-man] enclosed her in his slime. Meanwhile, Shiine and Riiya are reunited and runs to save Chacha.

[Goo-man] is about to finish Chacha when the real Shiine and Riiya came crashing down. They caused the roof to collapse - and squashed [Goo-man] flat. They confront their clones, which run away immediately.

[Goo-man] survived the crash while Chacha and the others transform for real. The princess drew her arrow and sends it right into [Goo-man]. He is seemingly destroyed. Just as they were celebrating, the Magical Princess stepped on [Goo-man]'s slime.

This causes the slime to form into an evil 'Magical Princess'. The Magical Princesses call on the phoenix swords. Two birds appeared: the normal red phoenix and an evil blue phoenix. The two Chachas formed the Phoenix sword and fought each other.

The Chacha calls on her bird shield to deflect the sword of 'Chacha'. 'Chacha' then calls on HER bird shield - the resulting interaction between the shields blast the Magical Princess away. 'Chacha' hits at Chacha with her goo-body. The Magical Princess is forced to jump while 'Magical Princess' readies a wing criss burning flash for her.

Shiine saves the day by throwing a fireball at the fake Chacha. This gives Chacha the opportunity to blast at 'Chacha'. The fake Princess also blasted at the real one. The two phoenix beams fought each other until the good phoenix overcame the evil phoenix. [Goo-man] is sent hurtling into the sky. This created a hole in the cave roof so the others could now get out of the cave. Chacha found the seventh coin, and they continue their journey to Daimaou's domain.

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