Akazukin Chacha episode 51

Episode Title
Princess no Kyuujitsu
[The Princess' Holiday]
Air Date
  • Summary by Steve Yu, 1998.06.28
The dark castle transformed back into the old castle of yore. Everyone noticed the change and were happy. But Shiine and Riiya couldn't find Chacha anywhere. They started to search together. Chacha is actually on the balcony of the castle where she starts to remember her adventures as the Magical Princess.

Seravi gave Chacha the Magical Princess Medallion. He also explains its use to her.
[episode 1]

Dorothy created a huge dragon to eat Chacha up. She quickly gives the bracelet to Riiya, the ring to Shiine, and the powers of their three magical items combine together. With a bit of magical formulae, it makes Chacha turn into a very tall blond and beautiful girl, who calls herself the Magical Princess Holy Up, holding a golden bow and an arrow in one hand. She fires her magical shot, Beauty Serein Arrow, at the dragon, who gets blasted and it breaks the evil mirror into pieces.
[Episode 1]

The arrow destroys Professor Mikeneko's Nyandabar Z robot.
[episode 9]

Sushi champion whips at the Magical Princess but she evades it. Her beauty serein arrow destroys him for good.
[episode 11]

She blasts the arrow at Cupihell and beats his arrow and destroyed him.
[episode 18]

The arrow destroyed the monster combo of Haideans and Yordas. Sorges thanks Chacha and tells her that she's the real princess in the magical land.
[episode 24]

Seravi explained Chacha's origin and described Genius' battle with Daimaou. He managed to put up a magical barrier that prevents Daimaou from leaving the dark castle is turned to a red selene jewel.
[episode 25]

Magical Princess fires the Serein arrow but Access blocks it. He leaves the three and Seravi explains of a new weapon the Phoenix Sword. He sends them out to look for it.
[episode 25]

Chacha pauses from her remembering because she thought she heard someone call her name. Then she continues.

Shiine faces off with Access. He fires a bolt at his father but is overcome by Access' superior power. Shiine keeps blasting Access but is finally brought down. Chacha transforms and uses the Phoenix sword to defeat Access.
[episode 33]

Magical Princess blasts at Argyle but his giant fireball knocks her out. Riiya and Shiine defends her as best as they can but Argyle threw another giant fireball at them. The Princess revives and destroyed Argyle with the burning flash. The fireball goes toward her but Seravi and Dorothy saved them all. Seravi feels guilty about almost failing to protect Chacha.
[episode 41]

Chacha broke off from her thoughts again. Meanwhile, Riiya and Shiine are still looking for her.

The bird shield activates and the Princess uses it to defend against Kyoto's spear.
[episode 43]

Magical Princess delivers the burning flash, and the red phoenix is followed by 7 others to form a white burning flash. This flash destroys Daimaou.
[episode 50]

Riiya and Shiine found Chacha on the balcony. But Chacha's mother found her first. Then Chacha's mood brightened up as she happily went with her mother.

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