Akazukin Chacha episode 52

Episode Title
Dassou! Dassou! Daishippai
Air Date
  • Summary by Steve Yu, 1998.06.28
All is well, and the king calls everyone to his palace to celebrate. The castle is filled with fireworks, while Chacha's parents introduced the 8 paladins: Shiine, Riiya, Orin, Seravi, Dorothy, Yakko, and Marine. Seravi was not very pleased though.

Finally, Princess Chacha was introduced. She appeared in a glittering red gown which many people admired. Unfortunately, she tripped on her heels and came sprawling down. Simultaneously, Seravi, Yakko, Genius, and Shiine created cushions (with their magic). This resulted in Chacha bouncing happily on a cushion mountain.

Later, we see Dorothy and Seravi in Seravi's Mochimochi Mountain House. After a lot of excitement, the boredom crept into them. Riiya's grandfather interrupted their solitude with a letter from Chacha.

Chacha, Riiya and Shiine are apparently doing fine in the castle. They have fun and Riiya gets to gorge himself. But Shiine is uncomfortable in living with his parents. He had gotten so used to performing the chores in Dorothy's castle that he couldn't stand it when his mother did all the work.

(Of course, this implies something about Dorothy and she grew angry and uncomfortable about Seravi teasing her about it) The three kids are also given daily lessons by [Daza], the palace wizard. But since he's teaching higher magic theories, this puts Chacha to sleep easily.

Chacha's letter reassures Seravi and Dorothy that there is nothing to worry about. Back in the castle, Chacha has so many dresses that she can't pick which one to wear. After being dressed by attendants, she fell flat on her face because of her dress' long train.

Daza's lessons are also getting to the three because he is so hard to please and his discussions are boring. Though the food is good, Riiya is crushed because Daza demands him to use proper utensils for eating. He can't control them and ends up being bonked by Daza's fan. In short, the three are so tired of palace life.

Genius came to cheer them up with his chest of gadgets but ended up boring them even more. Meanwhile, the king instructed Access to retrieve his "royal seal". The knight departs and so do the king and queen.

Chacha complained to her grandfather about the rigors of palace life and decided to escape. Before they could carry out their plan, Daza dragged them off for their lessons. The trio hatched out a plan to escape - and succeeded during their transformation lessons. Daza was so pleased that the three are finally showing an interest in their lessons that he failed to notice their ingenious escape using a tape recorder and three dolls.

Riiya runs off to hide when Daza catches up with them. But the old magician hit a palace tower while Chacha and Shiine flew off to freedom. But they were _shocked_ by the barrier Daza erected around the castle. Daza also caught Riiya after causing him to protest being called a "dog".

The three were marched to the basement where their punishment is to clean it all. The children picked up a pitcher that never runs out of water and soaks a sponge with it to start cleaning. Unfortunately, the 'sponge' grew to a gigantic size and chased the children around the castle. Genius recognized it as the [Sponge Man], who grows more powerful with more water.

Sponge Man grew bigger and bigger, while feeding himself with the pitcher. Daza rushes to the children's aid and parried the sponge's attacks. He was later snared - forcing Chacha to transform.

The Magical Princess freed Daza and battles the Sponge Man but couldn't penetrate his watery defenses. Then Shiine transforms to a cannon while Riiya to his wolf form. Genius then tucks Riiya in and fires the cannon at Sponge Man.

Riiya knocks off the pitcher from Sponge Man's hands, giving Chacha the chance to use her burning flash on the bloated monster. The phoenix sword destroys the Sponge Man, but his destruction caused the palace to be flooded.

Later, Chacha's parents understood that they were not fit for castle life and allows them to leave the palace. A letter from Principal Urara has arrived, inviting Chacha, Shiine and Riiya to Urara Gukuen for a new school year.

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